Darby Marketing Class Visits Hoffman Trails

high school students with third grade class

A Hilliard Darby marketing class made a trip to Hoffman Trails about 3 weeks ago to conduct market research and find out what products a group of 3rd graders would be interested in buying. The Darby students then went to work applying marketing principles through the use of design thinking to develop products they could then present.

The goal of the project was to teach high school students how to conduct market research on a market segment (specific group of individuals, in this case 3rd graders) and then design and build a product using the research data they collected and by applying the marketing principles they are learning in class.

Last week the high school class returned to Hoffman Trails Elementary to present the 3rd grade students with the products they designed. The project was a huge success for both the high school students and the third grade class.