Consistency in Websites is Important

Hilliard City Schools

smart_phone_social_media_800_clr_8206The Hilliard City School District formed the Education Advisory Committee in early 2014. This committee, comprised of approximately two-dozen parents, community members and employees, provides our team great conversation about the direction of the district.

One of the first conversations of the Education Advisory Committee was centered on our communications strategies and plans. Our district is proud of our communications efforts and eager to continually seek ways to improve our strategies. Ultimately, our communications goals are ever-changing . . . we continue to refine and reinvent our plans. Our website serves as a “home base” for communications and is a springboard for other opportunities.

Our district is refining our current school websites; we are working to provide a consistent feel and structure for all our schools. We have started this process with our high school sites – we want you, our consumers, to be comfortable when navigating our websites. These tools continue to be a work-in-progress and will evolve and improve over time.

Hilliard Schools is also continuing to evaluate and investigate mobile websites and Apps. We work with multiple vendors and programs. When we launch a mobile app, we want it to be fully functional so that you have a high-quality experience. We are committed to only invest time, resources and effort in an app that meets our high expectations. This is clearly a goal – it is in “the hopper” – but we won’t launch a mobile app until we can get it right.

We appreciate the opportunity to engage you – our community. We continue to pursue an “information how you want it” approach. We use email, direct mail, Twitter, Facebook, webpages, Vimeo and Instagram. We continually evaluate new tools – let us know if there is something we can do to better reach you.