Communicating Where You Are

Hilliard City Schools

circular_social_media_icons_800_wht_9139As a school leader I often hear educators discussing strategies to get parents and the community more involved. This is done because we believe active partnerships between parents, educators and the community create a stronger educational opportunity for students. However, in order for there to be a partnership, all stakeholders must have access to open and authentic communications.

While we agree this is important, we also know both parents and teachers are extremely busy – time is a precious and scarce resource. The burdens of ever-changing mandates for educators, the increasingly busy schedules of our children and the demanding work schedules of our parents make communications – our connections – more difficult than ever before. More than in any time in our history, we are able to communicate in nearly infinite ways yet it is more difficult to have authentic, real conversations.

The Hilliard City School District is eager to share our story with you – with our parents, grandparents and community. We want to share and engage in meaningful communications with you. We want you to know about students’ success, celebrate our dedicated staff, and yes, reflect on areas we need to improve. Our work is too important for us to operate in isolation. As your superintendent, my pledge is to listen to you, share the excitement of what is happening today and openly discuss where we need to go for tomorrow. We will never be done . . . in education there is no destination. Good is never good enough, and preparing young people to be Ready for Tomorrow is a never ending challenge. However we can commit to ensuring you have opportunities to become well informed throughout our journey together.

I am excited to submit a monthly column in This Week Hilliard Northwest News, with my first article due out in next week’s edition. As a district and in our schools we are expanding our online presence through a variety of social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter (search for @HilliardSchools). We are also posting multiple stories each week on our website, This is in addition to your ability to subscribe to a wide variety of email lists and our community newsletter.

Ultimately, we want to provide you information where you are. We know some parents and residents are active on Facebook and Twitter; others may frequently check out our website and read emails. We are embracing “where you are” communications as part of our commitment to and partnership with you. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to be in the know about what your schools are doing to protect your investment and inspire every student to be Ready for Tomorrow.