Class of 2014 . . . Help Wanted

Hilliard City Schools

graduateGraduation speeches are often a challenge for school superintendents. When parents, families, and friends come to a graduation ceremony they want to see students walk across the stage, they want to hear that special name, and they want to celebrate with the graduates. Graduation is about the students; it’s not about the speeches given by adults. Nevertheless, as a superintendent I am tasked with sharing a few words with the graduates. I am expected to be funny, to share wisdom, to extend best wishes, and to do it all in under 4 minutes. No one wants to hear a long-winded superintendent . . . it is about the graduates.

This year, my first year in Hilliard, I am asking for your help. Graduation is about you . . . the graduates. I am proud to ask you – our seniors – to help me craft my graduation remarks at each of our high schools. How am I going to do this? 

Of course, I am going to use Twitter and launch the first annual Twitter Graduation Challenge.


WHO: Members of the Class of 2014 only. I must be able to identify the senior sending me the quote Twitter. Yes, you must have a Twitter account to participate. If you don’t have one, you can create one and follow me @drjcm.

WHAT: Members of the Class of 2014 will tweet me with a single quote that captures their feeling about the school experience. For each high school, I will choose a winning quote and base my speech on your quote about your school experience. Keep it clean and appropriate – all school rules apply. This should be fun – keep it that way.

WHEN: All quotes will be submitted by Friday, May 16, 2014. I will base my graduation remarks on the senior’s quote and recognize the senior at graduation.

HOW: Send your quote to @drjcm and at your high schools hashtag (#HDV14, #HBR14, or #HDB14) – you need to include both @drjcm and your hashtag. I will pick the quote from each school and come talk with the senior the week of May 19th.

WHY: Graduation is about you. Not every student has an opportunity to have a voice in graduation; this is your chance.