Important to Get the Real Facts

Abraham Lincoln said “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.” On February 26 at noon, Hilliard Schools will host its next Online Lunch with the Superintendent. I will be joined by Treasurer Brian Wilson and we will be discussing the district’s current financial picture and sharing information about the value Hilliard Schools’ provides to residents. This is a great opportunity for all parents and residents in our school system to get the real facts about the district’s fiscal management during a time when we are not in financial crisis. Read More

State of the Schools

Superintendent John Marschhausen, Ph.D., updated residents about the current priorities and future goals of the Hilliard City School District during the annual State of the Schools address. The event gave all residents, parents, students and staff members the opportunity to learn about the direction their schools are headed and what this means for the community. “I’m excited to share not only the great things happening in our schools, but the vision for the future,” said Marschhausen. “This event will focus on how Hilliard Schools embraces, empowers and inspires so that the entire district is ready for tomorrow.”

Inspiring Students To Be Better

Innovation in the Hilliard City Schools is creating students who can think on their own. It’s not just one class in one building. Superintendent John Marschhausen says the options are wide open when students, parents and staff think innovatively.

Message from the Superintendent

Dear Parents,

Today, the Ohio Department of Education will release Local Report Card (LRC) information for districts all across the state. While we are eager to engage with residents about what this data means, it is important to know that no report card or rating system is perfect. Report cards can’t tell the complete story of a student’s educational experience and no single test can ever define the effectiveness of our educators. Read More

Strong Families, Strong Community, Strong Schools

There are a great many people talking about accountability for school districts. The media, political leaders and political pundits frequently bring attention to the education of children. Honestly, I welcome the attention. I am appreciative for the awareness that education holds the key to our nation’s future. I am thankful that we have the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the monumental responsibility that educators accept each and every day. Our teachers are heroes – they shape the future. Read More

My Name is John Marschhausen, Pleasure to Meet You!

As the next superintendent of Hilliard City Schools, I am eager to begin building strong relationships with the entire community. I know that Hilliard City Schools cares about the students, staff and community and our job is to make sure you are aware of the myriad of changes taking place within the world of education. It is important to me that you understand our decision-making processes, are informed about the opportunities we are providing and the value we provide by making tough choices that prepare students for tomorrow. Read More