Gifted Services in Hilliard

Hilliard City Schools has been working toward improving gifted identification and gifted services based on the 2016 recommendations of the Gifted Task Force. This year, we are implementing a variety of whole-grade assessments to equitably identify gifted students across our district demographic groups. For more information about how Hilliard City Schools identifies gifted students, please visit the Gifted Services page of our district website. Read More

Partnership Cultivated with Parents of Dyslexic Students

John Marschhausen

In the Hilliard City School District we are true to our values. We’ve spent considerable time and effort identifying the core values, the expected behaviors, and the desired outcomes that make this a special place for students to learn, grow, and develop. For us, our mission and culture aren’t posters on our walls; our culture is in our DNA. The fabric of our district is woven by the way we do business – by the way we live our lives. This starts with the district leadership. We model our values. We Stand Up and Own It, embrace the Power of the Team, and live with a Passion for Growth. Read More

What is Dyslexia?

Hilliard City Schools

Hilliard City Schools is devoted to ensuring all students are prepared for tomorrow by providing a comprehensive literacy program, which includes identifying students who may have a learning disability in reading. Dyslexia is a specific learning disability that the district works in partnership with experts in the field, parents, and teachers in early identification, intervention support, and researched-based programming that support the individual needs of students. Read More

Hilliard Works with Apple in Preparing Students to be Ready for Tomorrow

Over the past four years the Hilliard City School District has implemented the recommendations of the Technology Task Force. This visionary group of teachers, parents, administrators, and students charted a journey for the district. The task force recommendations have shaped where we are today and continues to shape our direction in the future.

Last week The Ohio State University and Apple Computer announced a new partnership between the university and Apple. Next year all incoming freshmen at Ohio Read More

Student Fundraisers – It’s all about the kids

Hilliard City Schools

The Hilliard City School District is extremely fortunate to have so many parents that are willing to serve our students through numerous support organizations. From our music and athletic boosters, to our PTOs and all of the other organizations that provide for district activities, we are incredibly blessed to have dedicated, talented partners.

One area where the district partners with our support organizations is raising additional dollars to provide supplemental resources to our programs. From purchasing equipment for teams and groups to offsetting costs for student trips, from providing playground equipment to scholarships for families in need, the fundraising efforts of our support groups are instrumental to our district operations. Read More

New Attendance Requirements for Ohio Schools – House Bill 410

Hilliard City Schools

Our district’s mission is to prepare each student to be “Ready for Tomorrow.” To get the best possible education we know that means we need our students to be in our schools.

In December 2016 the Ohio General Assembly passed House Bill 410 to support a preventative approach to excessive absences and truancy. All districts were given until the beginning of this school year to adopt the new guidelines and have procedures in place to address interventions for students who are excessively absent from school. Read More