Careful Planning Today Creates Opportunities Tomorrow

Hilliard City Schools

hcsLogoDuring World War II, then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said, “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” For the Hilliard City School District planning is an important part of our regular practices. Part of effective planning is having a vision that seeks every opportunity to make the most of district resources.

The Hilliard City School District has been blessed with great vision. Every fiscal efficiency permits our district to provide opportunities for students today. The strong leadership of the Board of Education, past and current administrators and our community leaders not only provided for previous students, but continues to ensure that we are able to prepare today’s students for tomorrow.

The McVey Innovative Learning Center (MILC) is a tremendous example of vision and planning. Hilliard City Schools converted administrative office space into a learning center that is serving nearly 1,000 students. The MILC is a leader in personalizing education and serves as an incubator for instructional opportunities. This center was created without additional bond levies or taxpayer resources. Careful planning and resource reallocation created today’s learning opportunities.

As the district continues to personalize education for students, and explores how the use of technology can change instruction, our fiscal decisions today will create opportunities tomorrow. As a district our professional educators have written more than 55 online courses. As a result, Hilliard Schools isn’t purchasing online content to provide instructional choices for students. We are merely creating the content – at an extremely high level – for our own students. Looking into the future, we plan to create our own instructional resources. By making decisions that are both fiscally responsible and instructional improvements, our district will have resources available to create new opportunities.

No one knows what the future will bring. But we do know that Hilliard Schools will continue to seek every efficiency and every opportunity to make decisions today that ensure we will prepare every student to be Ready for Tomorrow.