Brown’s Art Library

students working on art

Rachel Murdock started an art material library when she noticed students were coming to her and frequently asking to borrow art supplies. I soon realized that many of the students have limited or no access to art supplies outside the art room. With the support of our PTO, she was able to create a system that allows students to check out supplies every morning immediately after breakfast. Supplies available for check-out include kits that contain all the materials needed to weave, use modeling clay, and learn hand-lettering, as well as al la carte items like watercolor, oil pastels, and metallic markers. Students can keep what they create, and simply return the unused materials. The system is pretty much student-operated at this point, and they truly take ownership of the supplies, keeping them intact and ready for the next person. She has a line waiting every morning. Seeing a need and being able to fulfill it is beyond rewarding and the kids are so appreciative to be able to explore and create, no matter their circumstance. The art library truly drives home her classroom motto “Art is for everyone.”

The art library continues to be open for business thanks to donations and fundraisers.