Athletic Training

2019-2020 OHSAA Sports Physical

2019 Ohio Health Central Ohio Sports Physicals

Sports physicals offered on the above schedule at OhioHealth facilities are free of charge for any Bradley / Memorial student athlete.

What you need to know as a Bradley/Memorial student-athlete:
  • First and foremost this sport physical (as well as ALL physician interaction during school coverage) is not meant to replace regular or as needed visits to your primary care physician (PCP).  Physicals and on site school or event coverage by an athletic trainer and/or physician are simply an adjunct intervention in an area of specialty.
  • Sports physicals are best performed by the student-athlete’s primary care physician.  However, station based physical exams run by athletic trainers and fellowship trained sports medicine team physicians provide an appropriate alternative to physicals that would be provided by an urgent care or other convenience based pharmacy/out-patient treatment setting.
Who should attend?
  • These exams are meant for athletes with relatively “clean” medical histories and are used to screen for and detect medical or physical conditions that may put the student athlete at risk for future problems.  Any athlete who is currently under the care of their PCP for a medical condition/injury/illness or those with previously diagnosed medical conditions/injuries/illnesses, especially cardiac conditions that might preclude or limit participation in sports are advised to get your medical exam from your PCP.
What do I need to know for the day of physicals?
  • Every athlete will receive a number at check in and be called back in numerical order. We will do our best to move through as quickly as possible but understand that all the physicians are volunteering and they want to make sure each individual athlete gets all their needs addressed completely and thoroughly.
  • Parents are ENCOURAGED to go to all the stations with their son/daughter as well as be in the room during the physician exam.  If a parent or guardian is NOT present ALL 6 pages of the OHSAA physical form need to be fully completed, signed and dated in order for your athlete to receive a physical.
    • Page 1/2 Notes – Please include Date of exam, Name, DOB, Sex, Age, Grade (Upcoming 2018-2019 SY), School and Sport(s); answer all questions including the insurance information at the very bottom of the page and provide additional information as needed; 2 SIGNATURES/DATED
    • Page 3 Notes – Please include Name and DOB, the remainder of this page is done during the exam
    • Page 4 Notes – Please include Name, Sex, Age and DOB; Make sure the physician or designee completes all required info: Participation status, Printed Name, Date of Exam, Address, Phone and signature; Parents will need to complete the Emergency Information Section
    • Pages 5 & 6 – PRIOR TO RECEIVING A PHYSICAL BOTH pages needed to be FULLY COMPLETED 2 SIGNATURES, DOB, DATED, school contact info and grade.  Per OHSAA rules without a fully completed page 6 the athlete is INELIGIBLE to participate.