Bradley Art Students Showcase Mural in Columbus

Hilliard City Schools

art studentsHilliard Bradley Art students were invited in August 2015 by Reese Brothers Productions to design a mural to be one of multiple murals permanently installed in the downtown Vine Street Parking Garage. A group of 17 advanced art students from Photography 2Three, Portfolio and Ceramics Four started designing the 5-foot by 10-foot mural in November 2015 and finished it up this year. The mural was designed to represent numerous landmarks across the Columbus area using various types of mediums including watercolor, colored pencils, pen and ink, cut paper and bleeding tissue paper. Once the piece was finished, a high-resolution image was taken of it and then it was transferred onto ceramic tiles. It was recently installed on the 4th floor of the Vine Street Parking Garage on the North Market side. Currently they are looking into having the original artwork framed and then placed on permanent display in the Convention Center. The following were the Bradley students and teachers involved in creating the artwork.


Ethan Donaldson

Caroline Graham

Sophia Lewandowski

Claire Reiter-Wood

Kristen Tucker

Loren West

Emma Snider

Natasha Battistelli

Emily Collins

Josslyn Goslee

Renee Ridenour

Kylie Stanley

Emily Vitek

Alex Lewis

Maggie Adams

Kori Butt

Lauren Valdes



Sally Ruffing

Katie Owens