Augmented Reality Sandbox

Hilliard City Schools

Sandman VisitFourth graders at Ridgewood Elementary spent the day wrapping up their study of landforms with a visit from the Ohio Farm Bureau and their Augmented Reality Sandbox. Students participated in a hands-on learning lesson on landforms, erosion and topography. With the use of a computer projector and a motion-sensing input device mounted above a box of sand, students were able to use an interactive topography map, with colors and lines that indicated elevation and slope, to demonstrate what they learned about landforms. Virtual rain was also applied to the sandbox to demonstrate how water moves over the shifting sand. Small groups took turns building different types of landforms in the sand and watched as simulated “water” moved across the terrain sandman visitrepresenting erosion and weathering. Prior knowledge from researching landforms, weathering and erosion enabled students to apply what they learned by building mountains, lakes, valleys, canyons, volcanoes, and many other landforms during this hands-on experience. Teachers collaborated during a Hilliard U course put on by Horizon Elementary teachers to connect to the Ohio Farm Bureau and their Augmented Reality Sandbox.