Assistant Superintendent to Serve on Hilliard Sports Commission

Hilliard City Schools

Mike McDonough Head shotThe Hilliard City School District is proud to announce the appointment of Assistant Superintendent Mike McDonough to the Hilliard Sports Commission. Dr. John Marschhausen, in consultation with the Hilliard Board of Education, appointed Mr. McDonough to serve on this newly created Commission.

“As the City seeks to determine best practices in scheduling fields and rental costs, the Hilliard City School District has an important role to play as a partner in these efforts,” shared Dr. John Marschhausen. “Our primary goal is to serve the students and programs in our district. Our teams, bands, and activities utilize our facilities extensively during the entire calendar year. We are also interested in partnering with the City of Hilliard and Chamber of Commerce to increase economic activity by attracting sporting events to the greater Hilliard Community.”

“Mike’s experience and knowledge of our facilities usage make him the best choice to serve on this commission,” adds Board of Education President Andy Teater. “We believe we can serve our students, care for our fields, and still partner with the Commission on certain events that drive economic activity.”

Mr. McDonough will make appropriate reports back to the Board of Education at meetings during the term of his appointment. The district’s leadership team, including the Board, will be part of any decisions that will obligate district facilities and/or resources.