Assessment & Accountability Summit Recap

Hilliard City Schools

marschhausen_john_hcsdOn Tuesday evening, November 18th the Hilliard City School District held the first Assessment & Accountability Summit. Over 200 interested parent, teachers, students, and community members attended the Summit on a frigid and snowy late autumn evening. It was a strong response to the growing concerns regarding the time the current assessment schedules take away from instruction and the stress high stakes assessments are placing on students and the education community as a whole.

For a media account of the summit view the article published in the Columbus Dispatch the following day.

The purpose of the Summit was twofold. First of all, it is important for the Hilliard Community to share our concerns over the entire accountability system, with one voice, with the decision makers in Ohio. Secondly, the Summit is a step towards creating a better local system in Hilliard. We know one-size can’t fit every school district. Here in Hilliard – where we are truly partners in personalizing education for each child – we must have these discussions so the district can provide appropriate information to our parents and community.

Two questions were asked of the attendees. The first question was asked prior to any presentation. This was answered based on the audience’s impressions when they came into the room. The second question was asked after a short presentation from district leaders regarding the schedule and time requirements for the spring assessments.

Question 1 – How should tests and assessments be used in today’s education?

 Question 2 – What part(s) of a child’s assessments and testing do you want to know about and value the most?

You can read all of the public comments here, in the Accountability Summit Response.

These results are being shared with Ohio Superintendent of Public Instruction, Dr. Richard Ross, State Representatives Kunze, Grossman, and Duffy, and State Senator Hughes. Equally as important, the results are being shared with you, our community. During the next several months we will have the opportunity to continue our conversation, to hear what you would like to see in Hilliard, and to create the system that works for us as a community.

Our Vision is to ensure that every student is Ready for Tomorrow. Ready for Tomorrow doesn’t happen by 3rd grade, it is a journey. It isn’t a task merely left to teachers and schools, it takes all of us working together. Ready for Tomorrow is a community commitment; we work together to prepare the next generation of Americans. Let’s continue to create this vision together – our work is too important to delegate it to anyone other than the parents, teachers, administrators, and community of Hilliard.