As Students Graduate – Thanks for Making a Difference

Hilliard City Schools

graduateTonight marks the first of three very important evenings for Hilliard City Schools. We will celebrate as 1,117 Hilliard seniors become alumni and take their first steps towards their tomorrow. As superintendent I am so honored to be part of these celebrations. Graduation is the culmination of many years of hard work, determination and support from lots of different people.

First we must acknowledge the parents and families that have given so much to make this moment possible. You have given your time, energy and talents to ensure that your student has the brightest future possible. While our young people may not understand and fully appreciate all of this now, trust me one day they will. It was only after I graduated that I finally realized the full extent of what my parents did for me as a child.

It is also important to acknowledge the amazing teachers, support staff and administrators that have made a difference for these students. From that first day of kindergarten to the teacher who inspired you to take that risk and try something new and the bus driver who made sure you got to and from school safely and on time each day – there are literally thousands of people who have worked to make this moment possible.

And finally our community. Whether you have children in our schools or not, your support for the Hilliard City School District has created a brighter future for us all. These graduates are prepared to go out into the world and make a difference. These are the leaders, dreamers and scholars that will change our future and care for us down the road. They have been embraced by a supportive community empowered by understanding families and inspired to reach new heights by caring teachers and staff. It is because of all of these amazing people that I am proud to say these 1,117 students are ready for tomorrow.