Artist in Residence at Memorial

Hilliard City Schools

Guest ArtistContemporary Pop artist, Erica Arndts spent the day with art students at Memorial. Three of her paintings will be seen in Al Pacino’s next film, “The Hangman.” In 2D art students have a unit on Pop Art. They study artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein to contemporary, current practicing artists like Erica Arndts. Students will explore Erica’s approach to creating portraits and familiarize themselves with her techniques. Students explore value and learn to trust the process of color application to make the portraits successful.

The photo of Erica holding a framed image is of portraits that the students created of Erica in her style. She cried when she opened it. The kids did an amazing job! I have attached a few of the kids portraits of her as well.