Alton Darby Art Students Showcase their Pieces

Demiria with her painting

Art teacher Becky Bowers has been working with six students over the last few months on artwork for a show put on by the Grange Insurance Audubon Center in Downtown Columbus. They supplied us with 2′ x 2′ piece of canvas and the students had to paint birds that are Ohio Native and the native plants that they need for survival. We have attached the invitation to the event.

Demira (2nd grade) painted a Goldfinch on thistle, Elijah (1st grade) created a Robin eating berries, Quinton (2nd grade) a Red Headed Woodpecker eating bugs, Zachary (4th grade) painted a Blue Jay with a caterpillar near an oak with acorns, Lucy (5th Grade) painted a Blue Jay in a corn field and Grant (5th Grade) painted a Blue Jay on a snowy branch with a stalk of wheat. Demira’s photo appears in this spotlight.