3rd Grade Music Lessons at Horizon go Beyond the Classroom

student in class watching music zoom

Third Grade Horizon music students have been learning about the piece “Peter and the Wolf” by Sergei Prokofiev. Each character in the piece is represented by a different instrument. The students have learned about the woodwind family, percussion family, and brass family.

Music Teacher Sarah Wellman invited her friend, Dawna Rone, a professional violist and Suzuki strings teacher, to work with her students via Zoom. She did a violin and viola demonstration and included her children, who are part of the Online Academy this year.

Dawna and her children taught the students about the string family. Students were able to learn about the different parts of a string instrument and how sound is produced. They discovered that the instrument’s size, the thickness of each string, and where fingers are placed on the string affect the pitch being played. They even got to play a game of “Name that Tune” and hear the OA students perform short pieces and Dawna perform a classical piece.

Bringing students together from inside the classroom and those at home gives them all the excitement of demonstrating talent to peers and connecting in a new way.