3D Printing and Laser Engraving

max and his creation

Students from Bradley High School took part in a MakerX event last month. This is a program where companies, schools, and individuals from around Ohio share about the technology they use. The Hilliard Bradley Pre-Engineering Department was able to share how 3D printing and laser engraving is used in the classroom to enhance the student learning experience. Students Brian and Jeffrey Gaydos attended along with teachers Mike Armelie and Matt Parks. Student Max Lanum even had his own booth where he shared about lawn art and welding. It was a great event overall. Our students learned about new technology and how it applies to concepts used in class. Max, Brian, and Jeffrey did a great job representing Hilliard Bradley High School. These students also had the opportunity to network with recently graduated students and professionals in the workforce. Being Ready for Tomorrow means giving students the chance to look ahead and plan for their post-secondary academic career.