Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Hilliard City School District plan to open on August 20th with all students attending school five days per week?

At the July 27, 2020 the Hilliard City School Board approved August 24, 2020 as the first day of school. August 20-21 will be used as staff training days.

When will the district notify parents and the community about opening school?

We understand parents will need time to plan for the opening of school.  We may not have a final decision on how we will operate until early August.

We will be working with the Ohio Department of Health and Franklin County Public Health during July and early August. 

When will the district notify families about the A and B groups?

August 1st. We will have a process for families that need to request group assignment adjustments.

If the district goes to operating in the Hybrid Plan would siblings at different schools attend on the same A/B days, even if they have different last names?

Yes, that is our goal. We will have a process for families that need to request group assignment adjustments.

You showed results of a recently conducted survey of the community. Can you explain why not every parent in the district was given the opportunity to respond?

For this Poll, interviews were conducted June 2 – June 6, 2020, among a random sample of 476 registered voters in the Hilliard City School District.  The results based on the full sample have a margin of sampling error of ±4.49%.  Telephone numbers were randomly selected.  The Poll was conducted by Fallon Research and Communications.

Public opinion polling and voluntary opt-in surveys are two different tools. Random sampling provides statistically reliable results. Surveying provides results only from those who participate in the survey. Both tools offer important information in different forms.

View the survey results

There will be more opportunities for parents to engage with district leaders in the coming weeks.

With the hybrid plan, why not have them attend consecutive days....Mon, Tues vs Mon, Wed

We did consider the connective days model, but this results in students being home for a 5 days. We felt that was too long of a time away. 

Where does preschool factor in to the planning?

Preschool has different considerations in the State of Ohio’s responsible restart plan. View the preschool update

If an individual has already had COVID-19 do they still need a mask?

Yes, until we are told by the health experts that it is not necessary.

If masks are required, but my child has high anxiety, will you accept a doctor’s note saying he is not to wear one?

We understand there will be several students with different needs. We are also looking at face shields vs masks. 

We are creating an appeals process that will go through our school nursing staff.

Who will supply the mask for students returning to school?

Hilliard Schools will supply 2 cloth masks per student. Our goal is to keep one at home and one at school. Student’s may use their own masks.

Will we provide Mental Health help, especially for younger kids?

Yes, our Director of Well-Being is working with his team, including school counselors, to continue to focus on student mental health concerns.

Typical eLearning has been more project based with weekly goals and check points, but eLearning this past spring had daily checkpoints. Will you be further clarifying online vs. eLearning?

We are working toward more standardized pacing guides across the district. This will help if we have to move between online and in-person teaching due to spikes in COVID-19. 

Is Professional Development being offered to teachers to help with eLearning?

Yes, training will be offered to all teachers on-line. Our staff summer academy programs are focused on eLearning 2.0 and COVID safety.

If we are in the 'all-in' or 'hybrid' models and a student needs to self quarantine for 14 days due to possible COVID exposure, will they do the 'online learning' model with their normal teachers or with a different set of teachers?

If the student is out for a limited time, they will stay with their regular teachers as long as they can still do work from home. 

How will we be notified if our child has been exposed to COVID?

You will be notified by the school nurse if your child is a first degree exposure.

If one school in the district has a spike in cases would you consider putting just that building online, and not necessarily the entire district?

Yes, as we go between the different back to school scenarios, all decisions will be made to keep as many students as possible in classrooms.

What happens if a staff member or student test positive for COVID-19?

When we receive word of a positive case, our Director of Student Well-Being is notified.  We then immediately contact Franklin County Public Health. Franklin County will work with the individual’s health care provider and the individual to determine a timeline and begin contract tracing with our district. The Health Department will notify the individual as to when they can return to school or work.

The CDC recommends students eat lunch in classrooms, is this something we are considering? If so what about kids with food allergies? And will you provide hot meals?

Students will eat lunch in the cafeteria, gyms, and other spaces as needed. We will offer hot lunches in a box lunch style. We will not have lunch lines. We are working with Aramark to create plans for both breakfast and lunch.

What about the Arrow program?

Arrow will proceed in the All In, Hybrid, and eLearning scenarios.

The program is not offered through the Online Academy at this time, but teachers will work to meet the unique instructional and social emotional needs of gifted students if you choose this option.

Will the Online Academy be able to AP / Honors programs?

The Online Academy will not offer AP.  Honors courses will be offered 6-8. For high school students, they can take many College Credit Plus classes that are similar to AP classes.  Those classes are free to parents and offered through Columbus State.

What will we do with school supplies, and will kids share them?

No, there will be no sharing of school supplies. Each student will need their own.

If my student is enrolled in all online in the fall, will they still be able to participate in band/sports?


Have you considered letting elementary teachers join forces and teach different subjects so our kids get to learn from more than just the homeroom teacher?

No, not at this time. Keeping student/teacher groups smaller is better.

How will SACC be affected by the different conditions?

We are working with the director of SACC on different options. We hope to be able to provide SACC to our families on the day their student is in class.

What about electives and Innovation Campus options?

The Innovation Campus will be operational.

What will kindergarten registration/assessments look like this year?

We are canceling our Kindergarten Screening days. While this is an unexpected change in our plans, we are already working on a plan to engage our incoming Kindergarten families and students to help them get started on a successful school year.

Will there be orientation for kindergarten, especially to learn how to use the iPad?

Yes, that is our goal.  These might be by appointment only.

Will we still have aides, and push-in instruction for students on IEP’s?

Yes, but we do not know how that looks, yet. 

My child has an IEP with numerous teachers. What overall support will you have for students on IEP’s?

We are going to personalize as much as we can. If there is one special ed teacher who could provide all of the services, rather than 2 or 3 we will implement that. This will reduce the contact the child has. We are also looking at libraries where we can have plexiglass dividers so that students can work with their teachers. 

If you go to all online learning, will there be teacher layoffs or salary reductions? And, what will you use the surplus fuel budget for?

No – no layoffs.  Staff will continue to do their jobs either at home or in a different capacity.

Surplus fuel budget will be used to cover the high cost of Personal Protective Equipment, additional cleaning supplies, etc.

How would you see PTO supporting the schools during this time when volunteers can't enter the building?

Even though PTO can’t be there in person they can still be there to help.

Can I register for the online academy but still opt for in-person if I change my mind later?

The commitment to the Online Academy is half the school year for grades K-5 and one semester for 6-12. 

Is there any chance the deadline of July 24th for online school is pushed back? I would like more time to make this decision?

We have extended the registration deadline to July 30, 2020. This will be the final extension.

When putting two students per seat on a bus, how is this maintaining social distance?

It is not maintaining social distance. When we are in the all in the model, the County will be at lower risk level. If we are in Risk Level 3 and the Hybrid plan,  there will be one student to a bus seat. We will require masks on the bus.