The Minion Winter Olympics at Avery Elementary

Excitement over the Sochi Olympic Games has been high in the second grade at Avery Elementary. The students discovered the winter Olympic sports are really all about sliding in different ways with different equipment. As part of the second grade curriculum they studied the force and motion involved in the games. They saw the changes in force, changes in speed, changes in direction, and so much more.

Their teacher, Ms. Bryant, visited Russia in 2008 and has always shared her experience with her classes through pictures, crafts and learning about the culture. The students made Russian Matryoshka outfits for their minions and then began studying the different sports being played in Sochi.

The students participated in eleven events: Ski jumping with straws, ice cube hockey, magnetic figure skating, catapult, pinball, domino building, making medals, making a nesting doll and more. The kids will also be completing science activities with iPads. Bringing world events into the classroom and offering authentic learning opportunities the students become ready for Tomorrow!