What is… The Learning Environment in Blended Learning

By Brent Wise, Director of Innovation and Extended Learning
When the words “Learning Environment” are spoken by educators two images come to mind, depending on the level you teach. Typically we think of a room with rows of desks, a board, and a teacher desk at the front.  The elementary mind goes to carpet squares, stations around a room, and a chart of some importance.  As educators we sometimes forget the importance of the physical appearance and the overall experience a student feels when they enter this environment. We need to strive for a learning environment that is inviting, safe and flexible, promotes communication/collaboration, innovation, inspiration, and encourages creativity. The article,  A Place for Learning by Mark Philips,  takes you inside an example of the power of a learning environment that does exude all of the previously listed attributes.
As a teacher, I could ask myself: How can I create an inviting and collaborative learning environment?