What is… Assessment in Blended Learning?

What is… Assessment in Blended Learning?

Guest Blogger – Susanne Lintz, Director of Assessment

There are phrases thrown around all the time like “data-driven decision making” and “using assessment data to drive instruction”, but what does that really look like in a classroom? How can data really be used to make a difference in the education a student is receiving?

Below are questions to reflect on as you use assessments to “drive your instruction”:

  1. What is the purpose of the assessment?
    • What do I want to know about the students’ understanding and learning of the content?
  2. What are the best types of assessments to administer to achieve this purpose?
    • Formative, summative, diagnostic, multiple choice, constructed response, essay, performance-based etc.
  3. How will the assessment be administered?
    • Is it through the use of technology or paper/pencil?
    • What’s the most effective and efficient way to administer the assessments to get the data back in a timely manner?
  4. How will the teacher, students, and parents USE the data?
    • How will it change the instruction that is being provided?
    • What kind of data will the assessment provide?
    • What kind of feedback will be provided to students?


The article below gives examples of how technology can be incorporated into assessments. The purpose of using technology is not to be flashy and do the latest and greatest thing that is out there. It is to get data back quickly in order to be able to use it in real-time with students.

Digital Media Exit Cards

Data and assessments are at the center of what educators do. It helps us personalize the educational needs of students by providing information about what a student excels at and where they have an area of need. Data tells us a story and helps guide us to the next chapter of that story.