Technology Task Force Findings

At the State of the Schools address in October 2013, Superintendent Dr. John Marschhausen asked the school district to begin a process to evaluate the school district’s use of technology.  In that process, we were to evaluate the devices, technologies, tools, software and sites that we use for student learning.

The goal of the Technology Task Force is to set a clear vision for where Hilliard Schools wants to go with technology devices and integration in our classrooms.

The Task Force was initially separated into three subgroups- Students, Staff and Community.  At the of the meetings and focus groups, these three groups came together to have a final Joint Task Force meeting where everyone would share their findings and have some conversation on the thoughts and ideas that they had in common.

Some other goals of the task force are to address challenges that exist now.

    • Our students are fundamentally different from adults.
    • Projects involving Technology – hard for classes to get devices long enough to complete larger projects
    • Online text books – Just like music, video, news, photography – print textbooks are beginning to give way to online textbooks and resources, but every company provides access to online textbooks in different ways making access difficult
    • State and standardized testing is moving online
    • Is there a way to reduce the amount of paper we use?

Here are the findings of the Technology Task Force