Pixar’s Motto: From Suck to Non-Suck

Yesterday several of us went to Lancaster Schools to see what they are doing in their mobile device initiative.  It was a great day and we learned a lot.

This morning I saw this article and immediately started thinking about our Blended Learning Initiative in Hilliard.  Sometimes, I think we worry too much about doing things perfectly and it inhibits us from trying new things because we are afraid of failure.  I’m all for planning and doing our best to do things as well as we can, but we can’t let fear of failure inhibit us from trying new strategies and technologies.  After all, we can learn as much (or more) from our failures as we do from our successes!

Are we ready to dive in and try new things?  Can we be bold enough to say, it’s ok to make mistakes and we will use those experiences to understand the world around us?

Pixar’s Motto