Hilliard Davidson Students in Physics Video Contest

Recently, Hilliard Davidson physics students created videos that demonstrated their understanding of physics concepts. The top videos were submitted to James Madison University (JMU) for a chance to win $500 for their group and another $300 for the use on physics educational materials.

Out of nearly 100 videos submitted, Davidson has 11 finalists! One of the categories for judging is “popularity” and is determined by the number of views per video on the YouTube channel for JMU.

JMU Physics Video Contest

Follow the link above to view Davidson finalists (note: there are 11 with ‘Davidson’ in the title) and spread the word! You can even vote until May 7, 2014 if you want!

The majority of videos were created with the iPad using the camera and iMovie. However, students were given the freedom to use whatever tools they wanted, so we did have a couple of groups each period that had their own devices or used district laptops and Photostage to edit.

Students had to have a storyboard before filming began and each day of the project completed an exit ticket detailing the day’s work. Students used Google Drive and iMovie (or other video editing software) to support their physics theory.  This is a great example project-based learning and a real-life audience for student’s work!