Sixth Grade Students Create Cave Art

What can cave art from almost 20,000 years ago teach a class of sixth grade students? In Ms. Ambro’s class at Hilliard Tharp the students are creating their own cave art, to represent their own world. They brought in anything from yarn, to grass, to tomatoes to smash and use as paint. The lesson is a look at cave art from Lascaux, France. In meeting one of the Social Study curriculum standards the students are learning how environment can effect art, and in turn, how people effect the environment. For example, a student used a piece of Astroturf, a cardboard box, straws (goalposts) and silly string (yard lines and numbers) to create a football field. They may create abstract or realistic pieces for any of the reasons people create art – mere decoration, to honor some aspect of their world, etc. As the year continues, the class will refer back to their art and look at how people adapt to and use their physical environments in creating great civilizations.