Go to the following websites to find answers about the human body.

1. How many bones does an adult have?
2. How many bones are babies born with?

3. The heart is on your left side and is about the size of what?
4. When you have grown up, how many times will your heart beat per minute?

5. What is the hard tube called that’s in front of your neck?
6. What is the name for tiny tubes carrying blood?

7. What type of muscle is involuntary?
8. What type of muscle makes up the heart?
9. What type of muscle is found in the hollow parts of the body?
10. What type of muscle is voluntary?

11. On the picture of the kidney, what is the name of the pink part?
12. What is the name of the tube that leads to the bladder?

Go to Brain Basics:
Brain size
13. How many grams does a human brain weigh?
Our divided brain: Lobes of the brain
14. In the picture, what is the name of the blue lobe?
The skull (scroll down to find)
15. How many bones make up the cranium?