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Setup your iPad for 2017-18

Here are some tutorials that you can use as a student to get your iPad ready for the school year.

How to add your Hilliard Gmail account to your iPad
How to setup Google Drive and Canvas on your iPad
How to setup Notability on your iPad
Here are some optional settings as well to setup iCloud Drive and how to sync your photos to Google Drive.

Password Management

There is a new way to manage your network password online! You can enroll, create security questions and reset your password at anytime on any device. Your network account is used to login to Hilliard computers, Canvas, Google Apps, Home Access, email and more. This will be a great way to fix your password on your own.
Manage Your Password

Gr 6-12 students -
Did you know you have Gmail in your Google Apps for Education account?

What's my email address? Typically, your email address will be- firstname.lastname@hilliardschools.org But, if more than one student in the district has the same first and last name, there may be a number after your last name. The best way to find your email address is to login to Google Apps for Education. You will see your email address on the right side of the browser window.

Please note that inappropriate language is not permitted in email in your Google Apps for Education account. Messages with inappropriate language are automatically routed to the principal. So, if you wouldn't say it to your grandma, don't say it in email!

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