Meeting Information

Notice of Meeting Change
Date: Time: Place: Agenda: Supplementals: Minutes
JAN 12th 530pm Organizational Meeting, 6pm regular meeting Weaver Middle School Agenda 1-12-15ORG_AG_12-15  Minutes 1-26-15
JAN 26th 7pm Beacon Elementary  Agenda
FEB 9th 7 pm Tharp  Agenda 2-9-15  Enrollment – Feb 2 2015MEC Natural gas sales agreement Minutes 2-9-15
FEB 23rd 7pm Crossing Elementary  Agenda 2-23-15
MAR 9th 7pm Washington Elementary  Agenda 3-9-15  Minutes 3-9-15
MAR 30th Work Session, 6pm COA  Minutes 3-20-15
APR 13th 7pm Horizon Elementary  Agenda 4-13-15  Enrollment – April 2015
March 2015 Financial Report
APR 27th 7pm Alton Darby Elementary  Agenda 4-27-15
May 11th 5:30-6:30pm Ridgewood  Agenda 5-11-15
May 20th Work Session, 5pm COA Agenda 5-20-15
JUN 8th 6pm COA
JUN 22nd Work Session, 6pm COA
July 8th 6pm COA
AUG 10th 6pm COA
AUG 24th 6pm COA
SEP 14th 7pm Norwich Elementary
SEP 28th 7pm Darby High School
OCT 12th 7pm Davidson High School
OCT 26th 7pm Bradley High School
OCT 26th State of the Schools Bradley High School
OCT 27th State of the Schools Darby High School
OCT 28th State of the Schools Davidson High School
NOV 11th 7pm Darby Creek Elementary
NOV 23rd 7pm Hilliard Preschool
DEC 14th 6pm Memorial Middle School


Date: Place: Time: Agenda: Supplementals: Minutes
July 9 Bradley High School 6:00pm  Agenda  Policy_RecommendHCSD May 2014 Financial Rpt  7-9-14 Minutes
August 11 Board Conference Room at Central Office 6:00pm  Agenda  HCSD June 2014 Treasurer Report  Minutes
August 25 Board Conference Room at Central Office 6:00pm  Agenda  HCSD July 2014 Treasurer Report  Minutes
September 8 Britton Elementary School 7:00pm  Agenda 9-8-14  Enrollment Reading of Policies
September 22 Hoffman Trails Elementary 7:00pm  Agenda 9-22-14  Policy Recommend to BOE_2014-09-22rev HCSD August 2014 Financial Report  9-22-14 Minutes
 October 13 Heritage Middle School  7:00pm  Agenda 10-13-14 Enrollment – Oct 1 2014Policy RecommendSep 2014 Financial ReportZonar  Minutes 10-13-14
October 27  Bradley High School  7:00pm  Agenda 10-27-14  Policy Recommendations Minutes 10-27-14
November 12 Central Office 6:00pm  Agenda 11-12-14  Minutes 11-12-14
November 24 McVey Innovative Learning Center 7:00pm  Agenda 11-24-14  Policy Recommend  11-24-14
December 8 Darby Creek Elementary 7:00pm  Agenda 12-8-14  Enrollment – Dec 1 2014