Meeting Information

Notice of Meeting Change
Date Time Place Agenda Supplementals Minutes
July 8th 6pm COA  Agenda July 8, 2015  REVISED Adopted 15-16 School Calendar

Summary Policy Review

AUG 10th 6pm COA  Agenda 8-10-15  June 2015 Treasurer’s Report 8-10-15
AUG 24th 6pm COA  Agenda 8-24-15 Treasurer’s Report

HBR Basketball

SEP 14th 7pm Norwich Elementary  Agenda 9-14-15  Enrollment 9-1-15

HCSD Treasurer’s Rpt August 2015



SEP 28th 7pm Darby High School  Agenda 9-28-15  Policy Recommendation  9-28-15
OCT 12th 7pm Davidson High School  Agenda 10-12-15  Enrollment Oct-2015

Policy Recommendation

Treasurer’s Report

Bond Resolution (Series 2005 Bonds)

Bond Resolution (Series 2009A Bonds)

OCT 26th 7pm Bradley High School  Agenda 10-26-15 Policy Recommendation_3rd Read   10-26-15
NOV 11th 7pm Darby Creek Elementary  Agenda 11-11-15  Enrollment

Revised Adopted 2016-2017 School Calendar

NOV 23rd 6pm Hilliard Preschool @ Alton Darby Elementary  Agenda 11-23-15 Treasurer Report
DEC 14th 6pm Memorial Middle School  Agenda 12-14-15  Treasurer’s Report

Enrollment December 

Jan 11th 6pm Station Sixth Grade  Organization Agenda


Enrollment January

Treasurer’s Report

Policy Recommendation

Summary Policy Review



Jan 25th 6pm Weaver MS  Agenda  Treasurer’s Report  1-25-16
Feb 8th 7pm Avery ES  Agenda  Treasurer’s Report


Policy Recommend

Feb 22nd 6pm Heritage MS  Agenda  Treasurer’s Report  2-22-16
Mar 14th 6pm Brown ES  Agenda Treasurer’s Report
Policy Recommendation
Mar 28th 6pm Central Office Agenda  Treasurer’s Report  3-28-16
Apr 13th 7pm Scioto Darby ES  Agenda  4-13-16
Apr 25th 7pm JW Reason  Agenda  Policy Recommendation  4-25-16
May 9th 6pm Washington ES  Agenda  Enrollment

Treasurer’s Report

May 23rd 7pm Beacon ES  Agenda  5-23-16
Jun 13th 6pm Central Office  Agenda  Enrollment


Jun 27th 6pm Central Office  Agenda  Policy Review  6-27-16
Jul 7th 6pm Central Office  Agenda
Aug 8th 6pm Central Office
Aug 22th 7pm Hoffman Trails
Sep 12th 7pm Memorial MS
Sep 26th 7pm Davidson HS
Oct 10th 7pm Bradley HS
Oct 24th 6pm State of Schools Darby HS
Oct 24th 7pm Darby HS
Oct 25th 6pm State of Schools Davidson HS
Oct 26th 6pm State of Schools Bradley HS
Nov 16th 7pm Crossing ES
Nov 28th 7pm ILC
Dec 12th 7pm Horizon ES