Meeting Information

Notice: Meeting Changes
Date: Place: Time: Agenda: Supplementals: Minutes
 March 19 Innovative Learning Center
 6:00pm  Agenda  Financial Report  Minutes
 April 14  Station Sixth Grade School  7:00pm  Agenda  Financial Report
Policy Revisions
 April 28  Scioto Darby Elementary School  7:00pm  Agenda  Minutes
May 12 Brown Elementary School 5:00pm  Agenda  Financial ReportStudent Handbook Revisions Minutes
June 9 Bradley High School 6:00pm  Agenda  6-9-14 Minutes
July 9 Bradley High School 6:00pm  Agenda  Policy_RecommendHCSD May 2014 Financial Rpt  7-9-14 Minutes
August 11 Board Conference Room at Central Office 6:00pm  Agenda  HCSD June 2014 Treasurer Report  Minutes
August 25 Board Conference Room at Central Office 6:00pm  Agenda  HCSD July 2014 Treasurer Report  Minutes
September 8 Britton Elementary School 7:00pm  Agenda 9-8-14  Enrollment Reading of Policies
September 22 Hoffman Trails Elementary 7:00pm  Agenda 9-22-14  Policy Recommend to BOE_2014-09-22rev HCSD August 2014 Financial Report  9-22-14 Minutes
 October 13 Heritage Middle School  7:00pm  Agenda 10-13-14 Enrollment – Oct 1 2014
Policy Recommend
Sep 2014 Financial Report
 Minutes 10-13-14
October 27  Bradley High School  7:00pm  Agenda 10-27-14  Policy Recommendations Minutes 10-27-14
November 12 Central Office 6:00pm  Agenda 11-12-14  Minutes 11-12-14
November 24 McVey Innovative Learning Center 7:00pm  Agenda 11-24-14  Policy Recommend  11-24-14
December 8 Darby Creek Elementary 7:00pm  Agenda 12-8-14  Enrollment – Dec 1 2014