Putting Engineering Classes to Work

Students in the digital electronics class at Hilliard Davidson High School are using skills they learn in class to adapt toys for special needs children. Junior Luke Hoover and Senior Joe Tucker interned with Katelyn’s Krusade, a non-profit organization which supports children with special developmental and medical needs. These students spent hours of winter break and many weekends working on toys. Pre-engineering teacher Chuck DeRee has the students in his class also working on the toys which will be housed at Katelyn’s Kloset in the adapted toy library.

As part of the Project Lead the Way curriculum, students study the application of electronic circuits and devices. Computer simulation software is used to design and test digital circuitry prior to the actual construction of circuits and devices. This technology is put into practice by designing better ways for children with special needs to play with toys. Teaching students to use classroom skills in real world applications prepares them to be Ready for Tomorrow.