Parent Message – Blizzard Bags Reminder

marschhausen_john_hcsdFebruary 4, 2014

Dear Hilliard Schools Families,

Watching the Weather Channel for updates on storm predictions has become my new hobby. Watching my Twitter account for possible school closures or delays has become the obsession of many students. And finding appropriate child care has become a routine struggle for many working families as this winter continues to pound the mid-west with extremely cold temperatures and significant snow falls. I’d say this is normal Ohio weather, but using five calamity days by the end of January is certainly not normal. With the threat of additional winter storms predicted this week, I thought this would be a good time to remind everyone about our alternate make-up plan should an additional calamity day become necessary.

As you may recall, Ohio Revised Code (ORC) allows alternate make-up plans or “blizzard bags” as they are more commonly known for public school districts that have used all five of their allotted calamity days. School districts may create alternative assignments that are posted in electronic mediums for students to complete and return to school within two weeks. If students do not have Internet access at home, they should ask their teacher for a paper copy of the assignment once they return to school. ORC allows school districts to use this option for up to three days before being required to make-up any additional time.

Hilliard City Schools next calamity day will be our first alternate make-up plan day. While we are making every effort to ensure a smooth process and experience for all our families, there is likely to be a few bumps in the road. There always is when any organization tries something new for the first time. However, we hope to keep these unfortunate yet unforeseen issues to a minimum.

Teachers will be posting assignments for students through a variety of communication channels. These may include websites, eCampus, Google Apps for Education, social media feed, email distribution list or other electronic communication option available to students and parents. While the assignments should be available by 11 a.m., many teachers are already sharing this information with students. We are trying to spread out the distribution of information so we avoid bogging down servers with too many people trying to access a single information point at one time. We are asking for your cooperation and patience should we need to put this plan into action.

Most importantly we thank you for your support and understanding as we work together to find the best solutions to allow learning to continue during this unusual and hectic winter season. When parents and schools come together to ensure every student is receiving the education they deserve, that’s how I know we are all Ready for Tomorrow.


John Marschhausen