Internet Safety at Memorial Middle School

The Memorial Middle School guidance department put students through a detailed internet safety program. They felt the presentation was important as the district moves forward with the One2One Roll Out. They teach internet safety and good decision making to both the 7th and 8th grade classes. They want the students to have the right tools to make good choices online and also know what to do if they are confronted with cyber bullying or other dangerous situations while online. Read More

Community Innovation Hour

Join the Hilliard Schools Technology Team on January 27th for an informal learning opportunity. This hour is open for anyone in our community wishing to learn more about iPads, or how to monitor your child’s device, or even social media and so much more. Read More

Parent Workshop: Healthy Choices – Healthy Futures

Learn about local and national trends related to alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use among our students. Understand what factors put your child at risk for use and what we, as a community, can do to strengthen protective factors to prevent or delay the onset of using substances. Read More

Substitute Mechanics Needed

We are seeking qualified applicants for Substitute Mechanics in the Transportation Services department. General responsibilities include performing routine maintenance and services on heavy duty diesel engines (School Buses). Hours are flexible depending on program needs and applicant’s availability (early morning to late afternoon and/or early evening). Tools and equipment provided. Current CDL Class B holders preferred. To apply, please complete the online application for Substitute School Bus Mechanic at

Beacon Students Master Stop Motion Videos

The fifth grade students at Beacon Elementary collaborated with their peers to create a unique stop-motion animation film. They viewed multiple videos for inspiration, created a story board, and chose their materials. These creative kids did a wonderful job!

Our Carousel of Progress

He was a master storyteller, and I was suddenly a superintendent turned student – captured by my vacationing 16-year-old while captivated by a video of Walt Disney giving insight into his Carousel of Progress – a show he shaped.

Just watching this innovator talk, I was learning.

Introduced at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City, millions of people have watched Walt’s creation; the Carousel of Progress has had more performances than any other stage show in American theater. In its most simple form it’s a story about American progress. Read More