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Norwich Ecosystem Symposium

Fourth and Fifth grade student are studying Ohio ecosystems and how our lives are impacted by the changes we see in these ecosystems. Mr. Sparks and Mr. Kitchen are working with the Norwich Technology Teacher, Mrs. McClelland to guide students through a unit on ecosystems, food chains and food webs. The students and teachers are working together to fix an issue in an Ohio ecosystem. Read More

Darby Tech Crew Place in State Competition

At the Ohio State Thespian Conference, Darby High School’s Theatre Technicians competed in an event called “Tech Challenge.” This is a timed competition where the technical theatre team competed with schools from all over Ohio in the fields of prop building, lighting, sound, costume change, drop folding and platform building.

Darby Tied for 2nd place! This is the first time the Darby Crew has placed in this event. We would like to congratulate Caleb Crowley, Hayden Mankin, Ryan Untch, Nikki Hunter, Cara Crowley & Olivia Deslandes.

All Three Hilliard High Schools Receive Highest Recognition from the Educational Theatre Association

The theater programs at all three Hilliard High Schools were awarded the gold thespian troupe award at the Ohio State Thespian Conference. This award, presented by the Educational Theatre Association to honor work done during the 2015-2016 school year, is the highest distinction available to an entire theater program. Hilliard is one of only ten theatre departments across the state to win this award. Read More

Brown Elementary Hosts Guest Artist

Brown Elementary was thrilled to welcome guest artist Lea Gray of PaperBlooms LGD! Ms. Gray makes beautiful, complex paper flowers. While at Brown, she worked with students to make a huge paper garden!

This is a 16 feet long piece of art that uses 450 sheets of paper. There were 500 student artists involved from all grades. Each student made at least one contribution.

Students prepared for this visit by learning about radial design, exploring succulent categorization, Read More

Service Learning at Darby Creek Elementary

The fifth grade students at Darby Creek Elementary are participating in See Kids Dream, a service-learning program that focuses on encouraging long-term civic engagement. See Kids Dream is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower youth with the skills, motivation and confidence to make our world a better place in collaboration with central Ohio educators and other non-profit community organizations. Read More

Creating a New Learning Experience at JW Reason

The fifth graders at JW Reason Elementary are participating in an innovative and exciting weekly learning experience. As an extension of JW Youniversity, they are spending 20% of their week engaging in non-traditional learning experiences that centers on creating.

Upon returning from winter break back in January, the fifth graders were told that they are going to make JW Reason a better place by creating something. This “something” was one of three options: a school newspaper, a lending library box or a school garden. Each JW Youniversity course was designed to focus on either the state standards for science, math or language arts. Students chose the weekly course that fit their passion, enhanced their learning and intrigued them the most. The three courses are: Read More