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National Merit Scholarship Finalists

Earlier this school year we found out that Hilliard Schools had 26 students that received recognition from the National Merit Scholarship Program. Of that distinguished list, 16 were Semifinalists. We are extremely proud to announce we have received word that all 16 of those students have reached Finalist status. Read More

The Year of the Rooster

In the Chinese culture, this is the year of the Rooster. Students in Neil Myers Chinese classes are learning this is one of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals. The students learned about and celebrated Chinese customs by decorating with red paper cutouts and making authentic Chinese boiled dumplings in the family and consumer classroom at The Heritage. The students loved it! The dumplings are pastime favorite when celebrating the New Year.

Exploring the Job Market

The Davidson Media Arts students visited SpaceJunk Media to learn about motion graphics, animation and video in a creative business setting. They were hosted by former Davidson students, Zak Tietjen and Nick Schooner. Both are animators at the media group. SpaceJunk is a full service motion graphics and live action studio comprised of a diverse crew of artists, all with a passion for bringing stories to life. They partner with a wide variety of brands and create authentic digital experiences that connect in powerful ways.

The students also visited WOSU/PBS production studios on The Ohio State University Campus. Executive Producers, directors, studio hands, and motion graphics artists discussed careers in public television and media. Our local PBS affiliate is responsible for disseminating national programming, creating local news, and In The Know, and Emmy award winning programs such as Broad and High and Columbus Neighborhoods.

Tharp Career Fest

Tharp Sixth Grade hosted a Career Fest this month where Hilliard community members were welcomed into the classrooms to share their passion for their careers. Students had four career options to choose from each day of the week. This sparked strong interest in several careers and enabled students to learn about a typical day at each job, problems individuals must solve, necessary skills for effectiveness, and much more. Students were very engaged as they gained a deeper understanding of each career and the endless possibilities for their futures. Students will be completing a project-based learning unit in their language arts class that extends their learning from Career Fest. Tharp is grateful to share such strong bonds with our Hilliard community.

Watching History Come Alive

Fourth and Fifth grade students at Norwich Elementary got to experience history through a videoconference with author Janie Panagopoulos, author of Train to Midnight: A Dream Quest Adventure. Students saw history come alive in her historical fiction story and created questions to ask the author about both the author’s craft and the historical time period associated with slavery and the Underground Railroad. Using this technology helps students see how ideas and events from the past have shaped the world as it is today. They get to experience how the actions of individuals and groups from history have made a difference in the lives of others and directly affect our world today.

Archery Competition Explodes

The National Archery in Schools Program at Crossing Elementary teaches students in grades three –five the fundamentals of shooting a bow and arrow. This fits into the Ohio Standards for Physical Education that place emphasis on the “11 Steps” to archery success and allows students a unique opportunity to experience an outdoor activity that is popular in many rural Ohio school districts. Read More