Community Garden

The Washington Elementary PTO received a $2000 Whole Kids Foundation grant to build a community garden. The Whole Foods Market Company believes that given the right opportunities, kids will get excited about fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other nutritious whole foods. The PTO worked with 9 Trees Landscaping to build the garden with third grade students. They plan to include more grades as the garden grows. Giving students opportunities to take what they learn in the classroom and put it to work in the world around them, prepares the student to be Ready for Tomorrow.

Helping to Build a High School in India

The Bradley Diversity Club was able to make a donation of $1,500 to help sponsor the building of a high school in India. The students earned money by hosting a Multicultural Fair during school. The fair featured 16 different countries and cultures. Student representatives brought in artifacts, pictures, ethnic costumes, music and food from each of their native countries. Students visited the field house and could explore all the cultures represented. The Diversity Club’s motto is to make a global impact with their outreach efforts. Preparing students to be Ready for Tomorrow means they have opportunities to learn about our diverse community and world around us.

Hilliard Leading the Way with Innovation, Education

Change and innovation is coming quickly to public education in Ohio and Hilliard Schools are ready. So ready, in fact, that we are poised to lead the way. So, what does innovation in public education mean? It means that we must create a personalized education for students and increase the use of technology in our schools in order to get us there.

In Hilliard innovation is marked by initiatives such as the McVey Innovative Learning Center (ILC). Interest and demand for ILC programs – one which couples a traditional learning experience with an online one – far exceeded expectations. Students and parents alike were interested in the personalized education that would be delivered with the challenge and guidance of Hilliard teachers. Read More

Flagpole Math

Jane Bordner’s 7th grade Math class took their lesson outside to figure out the height of the Memorial Middle School flagpole. They worked on proportional relationships which is one of the curriculum standards for the course. They measured the length of the flagpole’s shadow and the length of a yardstick’s shadow and set up a proportion between the known lengths and the known height of the yardstick to discover the height of the flag pole. Being able to apply Math lessons to real world questions creates students Ready for Tomorrow.

Mentorship Student Gets Published

As part of the Young Professionals Network at the McVey Innovative Learning Center students can participate in career mentorship classes. Students explore career possibilities by learning from members of the business community who offer experience and expertise in the student’s career field of interest.

This spring three mentorship students participated in an opportunity with the Greater Columbus Sports Read More

Student Leaders Create Awareness about Autism

The 8th grade leader leadership academy at The Heritage Middle School worked to raise money and create awareness about Autism. During the month of April the students created public service announcements, posted signs around the building and sold t-shirts and cotton candy. All the money raised is going to the Ohio State University Nisonger Center. Hilliard City Schools prepares students to be Ready for Tomorrow by giving them opportunities to develop leadership skills.

Memorial Middle School Wins Battle of the Books

Eight middle schools competed in a regional competition of Battle of the Books this spring. Each coach chose two books for a total of 16 books to be read by the students in preparation for the competition. The coaches then choose 30 questions for each of their two books. The competition was conducted in rounds, each round consisting of both group questions and individual speed buzzer questions. Memorial’s 7th grade team took first place. The team consisted of Captain Megan Harris, Matthew DuLuard, Michael Haskell, Hunter Goshorn and Matthew Fawcett. Weaver Middle School also sent two teams. The other schools competing were: Circleville, Groveport Madison, Canal Winchester, Fairfield Christian, Logan and Westfall.