Service and Commitment

Leadership is about creating an environment for others to perform at their best. It’s about inspiring those in the organization to perform at levels that exceed their own expectations. Leadership is cultivating a culture that drives the behavior that produces exceptional results.

Leaders lead from a position of trust and respect. True leaders don’t need a title . . . they lead by their actions. Leaders are intentional, purposeful, and skilled. Leaders act with character and make connections. Read More

Hilliard Alumni Guest Lectures at Tharp

A Hilliard Davidson alum and current medical student, Alex Schueler, presented to Tharp Sixth Grade students about cellular functions, human systems, and diseases. Hilliard Tharp students are currently in the research stage of their personalized Disease Project. Students select one disease topic of strong personal interest. This project challenges students to apply their understandings of living things at the cellular Read More

Washington Students Combine Art and History

Amina is an African American artist who did a lot of her work about her life, her journey, and experiences. She notably created a mural that goes up the stairs at the Columbus main library downtown. Students looked at a piece she created about the people who started the community she lived in Columbus. They took that idea and related it to their lives and journeys. Students thought about a main theme for their art, something they are working on in the lives, and they created a sentence describing Read More

The Best of the Best

Think back to your own school days. Who was your favorite teacher?

What qualities did that teacher bring to the learning environment?

More importantly, what qualities did your favorite teacher bring out in you?

When I think back to my favorite teachers, they inspired me to perform better. They often inspired me to surpass my own expectations. Read More

Crossing Guards Needed

Are you looking for a part time opportunity and the chance to become a member of the Hilliard family? We are looking for an energetic person for the position of Crossing Guard at Horizon Elementary! This is two hours per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon and will begin in January. This could be an excellent position for a stay at home parent or even a grandparent. Please share this with anyone you think might be interested. You can email: to apply.

Media Specialists Become Authors

Media Specialists, and writing team, Liz Deskins from Bradley High School and Christina Dorr from Weaver Middle School, have just published their first book, Linking Picture Book Biographies to National Content Standards: 200+ Lives to Explore.

The publisher says this book, “pairs narrative nonfiction biographies rich in language and illustrations with national content standards in the social studies, science, and the arts. Picture book biographies are ideal for promoting nonfiction reading at all ages. This single-volume book saves you time by handing you the best in new picture book biographies accompanied by unit and lesson ideas.”

Liz and Christina continually strive to find the best in new literature to share with their students and teachers. This collaboration demonstrates the value we place on the power of the team. It helps create a great place to learn and a great place to work. Read more about the book.