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PART II- Set Reasonable Parameters – Create “off” time

Just as we don’t place a bag of candy in a child’s reach and expect him or her to have a developed sense of self control at a young age, we can’t expect young people to know when they need to unplug, disconnect and log-off. As adults we must create “down time” for our children to read, relax and spend time away from the constant connection to the outside social life. This may include time for family dinner, homework and certainly rest/sleep. Read More

Active Parenting Required – Part 1

Young people today are socially connected like no other generation. Our students tweet, post, text, Face Time and chat with frequency that is at times mindboggling. With this connectivity comes real challenges for parents, grandparents and teachers – it is more difficult to provide support, guidance and parameters for children. Read More

State of the Schools

Superintendent John Marschhausen, Ph.D., updated residents about the current priorities and future goals of the Hilliard City School District during the annual State of the Schools address. The event gave all residents, parents, students and staff members the opportunity to learn about the direction their schools are headed and what this means for the community. “I’m excited to share not only the great things happening in our schools, but the vision for the future,” said Marschhausen. “This event will focus on how Hilliard Schools embraces, empowers and inspires so that the entire district is ready for tomorrow.”

Bob Dylan, Meet Steve Jobs

He wasn’t known for playing an instrument.

He didn’t go down in history as a great songwriter.

But, part of the legacy Apple founder Steve Jobs left behind was music.

Jobs transformed the music industry (at least, that is the gist of the caption under his photo holding an iPod at Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – yes, the business genius has his own section in the esteemed venue).

Jobs didn’t define his world as computer exclusive. As educators, we could all benefit from this lesson. Read More

What I’ve Learned During My First 100 Days

When I walked into the Community Forum in February 2013 I had a “Transition and Learning Plan” for my first 100 days. This crucial time sets the tone, lays the foundation and provides direction for the future. As the new leader of the Hilliard City School District, and following such a respected leader as Dale McVey, it was essential that I purposefully and efficiently carried out a well-developed strategy for my introduction to the Hilliard Schools community. Read More

Families Empowered to Participate in Process

Technology continues to change the way we operate in nearly every facet of our daily lives. Technology changes access to information. In many ways, when we see technology has a tool, it is merely a more efficient means to the same end. Technology hasn’t changed who we are, or even changed what we do, it simply can be more efficient and immediate. Read More