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Throwback Thursday – Blended Learning Lessons for Teachers

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In Hilliard City Schools, we believe that blended learning should create an environment where students and teachers learn and teach more effectively. In order to have a successful roll out of our One2One program our teachers have been spending time in the classrooms. They are learning best practices for using iPads in classes for instruction every day. Empowering teachers to be the best they can be creates environments for our students to become Ready for Tomorrow.

Hilliard Students Experience Life on Campus

For three weeks this summer eight Hilliard students will attend Kenyon College. There are a total of 35 student from across the United States participating in the program, and eight are from right here. For some of the students this is the second year in the program, they will receive college credit for their course work. The other students, attending for the first time, will get to experience life on a college campus. This opportunity will open doors for these students and help prepare them to be Ready for Tomorrow.

High School Students Visit Costa Rica

As part of a Global Student Leaders Summit some Hilliard High School students visited Costa Rica over spring break. The global leadership summit is designed to bring student leaders together from around the world to solve today’s complex issues. This is a one-of-a-kind educational experience that will truly set participants apart from their peers and prepare them to be Ready for Tomorrow. The Summit in Costa Rica addressed Environmental Sustainability. The keynote speaker for the conference was Jane Goodall, pictured here with the student interns. Maddy Bell also in the in the picture with Goodall, was chosen as one of the presenters during the summit and her project was chosen as a top 10 finalist. Hilliard City Schools will participate in the Global Student Leaders Summit in Dubai in March 2016.

Throwback Thursday – What is the Hilliard Way

Over the past few months we launched a video series defining what the Hilliard Way is to our district. The Hilliard Way is more than a tag line; it’s how we ensure excellence for our students and community. In this first video we hear Superintendent John Marschhausen define how we prepare all students to be Ready for Tomorrow. You can see then entire series here, on our district home page.

First Time Riders Open House

Students and parents are invited to join the Hilliard City Schools Transportation Services for a First Time Riders Open House. This fun-filled event will allow students who are new to riding a school bus to:

  • explore a school bus up close;
  • learn about bus safety;
  • take a ride;
  • meet “Buster the Bus”; and,
  • capture that first bus ride moment on camera!

Stop by anytime from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, August 8 at Hilliard Heritage Middle School, 5670 Scioto Darby Road in Hilliard.

Bradley Teachers Win Vision Grant from AEP

Brad Gmerek, an AP Calculus teacher, and Michael Armelie, a Mathematics and Engineering teacher, received a $500 grant from AEP to help fund a project their students participate in at the end of each school year. The goal of the project is for students to design and build a model rocket that will fly to an altitude of exactly 500 feet. Using various Calculus concepts, ideas from Physics, and skills learned through Engineering, the students research, calculate, and construct their rockets with the hopes of achieving their goals. Students are graded on a variety of academic areas: mathematic calculations, composition of a conclusion, art and design of construction and aesthetics, and engineering of design. A 3D printer is used to create the rockets’ nose cones and Read More