Bob Dylan, Meet Steve Jobs

He wasn’t known for playing an instrument.

He didn’t go down in history as a great songwriter.

But, part of the legacy Apple founder Steve Jobs left behind was music.

Jobs transformed the music industry (at least, that is the gist of the caption under his photo holding an iPod at Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – yes, the business genius has his own section in the esteemed venue).

Jobs didn’t define his world as computer exclusive. As educators, we could all benefit from this lesson. Read More

Media Specialist Improves Collaboration in the Classroom

Liz Deskins, library media specialist at Hilliard Bradley High School, has earned certification as an ICoach from INFOhio, Ohio’s PreK-12 Digital Library. ICoaches—short for “integration coach”—work with teachers to incorporate digital technology and research tools in their classrooms to get students ready for tomorrow. The certification was completed on her own time this past summer. For more than 20 years, INFOhio has provided online digital resources to Ohio’s PreK-12 schools and is one of the country’s largest library and information networks.

Hilliard Crossing Third Grade Reading Project

Mrs. Wolf’s third grade class worked on a reading project using Google Apps to write about their favorite story characters. This meets reading curriculum standards to have students compose writings that convey a clear message and include well chosen details.

What I’ve Learned During My First 100 Days

When I walked into the Community Forum in February 2013 I had a “Transition and Learning Plan” for my first 100 days. This crucial time sets the tone, lays the foundation and provides direction for the future. As the new leader of the Hilliard City School District, and following such a respected leader as Dale McVey, it was essential that I purposefully and efficiently carried out a well-developed strategy for my introduction to the Hilliard Schools community. Read More

German Exchange Students Visit With Superintendent

The German-American Partnership program at Hilliard Davidson High School is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The exchange takes place every two years with Germans students coming to Hilliard Schools in September and the Hilliard Schools students going to Germany in June. Superintendent John Marschhausen spent time with the students talking about the program and discussing his own German family genealogy. This exchange offers students a chance to use interpersonal communication tools by speaking and writing the German language. It also allows students a chance to use presentational communication tools, by collaborating on year long projects. Both are key standards in the World Language Curriculum. The German students are in Hilliard until October 8.

Davidson Theater Department Presents The Hobbit

Join Gandalf the sorcerer as he takes his dwarf companions and Bilbo Baggins on a frightening journey. One they may never return from. Enjoy the sights, sounds and magic of the best-selling fantasy novel ever written. Follow the heroes as they hunt for the hidden treasure and its deadly guardian. The treasure has to be found no matter the perils. The curtain will rise on this G-rated production on Friday, October 4 at 7 p.m., Saturday, October 5 at 2 p.m. and Sunday, October 6 at 2 p.m. Seating is general admission and all tickets are $5 each. Get tickets now!