Dispatch Article Highlights Great Schools and Good Home Values in Hilliard Schools

The Columbus Dispatch recently included the article “Moderate prices and superior schools help Hilliard homes sell quickly” by Jim Weiker. The article explains that the housing market in the Hilliard City School District is outpacing the rest of Central, Ohio in part because of the great schools. “While flashier parts of central Ohio might get the buzz, the housing market in this western suburb has quietly plugged along, outperforming the rest of greater Columbus by every significant measure.”  Read the full article 

Board Connection

The Hilliard City Schools’ Board of Education met during a regular meeting on Monday, October 14, 2013. The following highlights some of the major items discussed and decided. For additional information about the board, visit the district’s website at www.hilliardschools.org.

Andy Teater, President; Lisa Whiting, Vice President; Heather Keck, member; Paul Lambert, member and Doug Maggied, member. 

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Carving Pumpkins Into 3d Art

Eighth grade students in the advanced 3D art class at Hilliard Weaver Middle School worked with a professional sculpture from “Rock on Ice,” to learn about three dimensional art. They were able to work on pumpkins to create their own sculpture. This meets the art curriculum standard of creative expression, by creating artworks that demonstrate understanding of materials, processes, tools and techniques.

Bob Dylan, Meet Steve Jobs

He wasn’t known for playing an instrument.

He didn’t go down in history as a great songwriter.

But, part of the legacy Apple founder Steve Jobs left behind was music.

Jobs transformed the music industry (at least, that is the gist of the caption under his photo holding an iPod at Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – yes, the business genius has his own section in the esteemed venue).

Jobs didn’t define his world as computer exclusive. As educators, we could all benefit from this lesson. Read More

Media Specialist Improves Collaboration in the Classroom

Liz Deskins, library media specialist at Hilliard Bradley High School, has earned certification as an ICoach from INFOhio, Ohio’s PreK-12 Digital Library. ICoaches—short for “integration coach”—work with teachers to incorporate digital technology and research tools in their classrooms to get students ready for tomorrow. The certification was completed on her own time this past summer. For more than 20 years, INFOhio has provided online digital resources to Ohio’s PreK-12 schools and is one of the country’s largest library and information networks.

Hilliard Crossing Third Grade Reading Project

Mrs. Wolf’s third grade class worked on a reading project using Google Apps to write about their favorite story characters. This meets reading curriculum standards to have students compose writings that convey a clear message and include well chosen details.