Report Cards Moving Online

Change in format provides faster information for parents at a more cost effective rate for taxpayers

Beginning this school year, the parents of more than 15,700 students can find their student’s grades and academic progress reports online. The district is moving the traditional report card to the district’s Home Access Center (HAC) instead of printing the reports, saving time and money. Read More

Sixth Grade Students Create Cave Art

What can cave art from almost 20,000 years ago teach a class of sixth grade students? In Ms. Ambro’s class at Hilliard Tharp the students are creating their own cave art, to represent their own world. They brought in anything from yarn, to grass, to tomatoes to smash and use as paint. The lesson is a look at cave art from Lascaux, France. In meeting one of the Social Study curriculum standards the students are learning how environment can effect art, and in turn, how people effect the environment. For example, a student used a piece of Astroturf, a cardboard box, straws (goalposts) and silly string (yard lines and numbers) to create a football field. They may create abstract or realistic pieces for any of the reasons people create art – mere decoration, to honor some aspect of their world, etc. As the year continues, the class will refer back to their art and look at how people adapt to and use their physical environments in creating great civilizations.

Families Empowered to Participate in Process

Technology continues to change the way we operate in nearly every facet of our daily lives. Technology changes access to information. In many ways, when we see technology has a tool, it is merely a more efficient means to the same end. Technology hasn’t changed who we are, or even changed what we do, it simply can be more efficient and immediate. Read More

Innovation in the Classroom

Hilliard City Schools cares about providing a unique and individualized learning environment for all students. Students in the 7th and 8th grade enrolled in the Project INC class at the McVey Innovative Learning Center (MILC) participate in classes that will help create the business leaders of tomorrow. The students help run a coffee shop in the MILC. This meets business curriculum standards of entrepreneurship, economics and marketing. They worked with students from the Project VIBE class to create a commercial to brand the coffee shop. This video spotlights the collaboration between classes in producing the commercial which will be run during announcements in other Hilliard City Schools.

Hilliard Horizon Elementary Teacher Recognized

Hilliard Horizon Elementary Teacher Linda Wendt was recognized by fellow teachers and Office Max as part of “A Day Made Better.” It’s the seventh year the company has donated more than $1,000 worth of school supplies to 1,000 teachers across the country. Linda was nominated for being an invaluable resource for teachers and students at Hilliard Horizon Elementary. In the nomination Ms. Dawson and Mr. Higginbotham, both Hilliard Horizon teachers, say Linda has a reputation for being a champion for students, advocating for high quality literacy experiences and for being the person who will drop everything to help others.

Graffiti Art

Hilliard Heritage Middle School’s seventh grade student Jayne Lewis is the artist behind the latest installment of graffiti in the school’s media center. Students submit their name if they want to be considered for the graffiti artist. A new student is chosen every two weeks. The artist comes in during lunch to draw their masterpiece. This meets the art curriculum standard of using various art forms for social purposes. This type of art provides insight into the factors that might influence the artist’s style. These factors found in the curriculum teach about personal experience and cultural heritage. Once the student artist has finished the project it is featured on the morning announcements.

Cleaning Darby Creek as a Hilliard Community Service Project

Students from all three hilliard high schools took part in the Interact Club’s service day by helping to clean parts of Darby Creek. The Interact club is a service club devoted to promoting service to the school and local communities. This type of extra-curricular club meets the wellness course of study by teaching a respect for, and promotion of, wellness in others and the environment. At the high school level wellness is focused on students understanding the influence they have on the environment and the way in which elements within the environment affect the wellness of others. Their commitment to service demonstrates they are able to transfer this knowledge and understanding.