Innovation at all levels

Hilliard City Schools uses innovation at all levels to find new solutions to old challenges. See how we are preparing every student to be ready for tomorrow by using innovative practices today.

Innovation has an Impact

Scott Anthony, with the Innosight Institute, defines Innovation as “something different that makes an impact.” Well the McVey Innovative Learning Center (MILC) is clearly something different . . . and it will certainly have an impact for the students in the Hilliard City Schools. Read More

Innovation in the Hilliard City Schools

Revolutionary ideas and experiences that personalize learning to meet the needs of students and our community. This describes the approach Hilliard City Schools takes with innovation. The district will explore what innovation means to students, staff and parents through a series of videos this week. Each video looks at how innovation in Hilliard City Schools is helping every student to be ready for tomorrow.

Community Invited to Dedication of McVey Innovative Learning Center

Community members are invited to the Dedication and Open House of the first educational center of its kind in Central Ohio. The McVey Innovative Learning Center (MILC) offers a variety of cutting edge coursework, experiences and teacher support in a cost-effective manner. Specifically it allows some of the district’s existing programs to be centralized and to expand other options such as after school enrichment, college guidance services and capstone experiences to better meet the needs of today’s students. Read More

What does it take to run your own company?

Students taking Academy INC or Project INC classes at the Innovative Learning Center will learn how to run a business and then create their own company. One part of being a responsible business owner in the community is to know what the laws are to protect consumers. This week representatives from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office of consumer protection spoke to the students. Consumer Educators Lindsey Coughlin and Danielle Murphey talked to the students about scams, how to avoid them and about deceptive advertising practices. All subjects any student would need to know, but especially those who are inspired to own their own business. Just an example of how Hilliard City Schools helping every student to be ready for tomorrow.

The Many Hats of a Hilliard City School Secretary

Quick, name one thing a school secretary does? I bet you can’t name just one. The hats the secretaries in the Hilliard City School District wear vary from day to day, and sometimes minute to minute. Debbie Kirk has been at Hilliard Crossing since the school opened. 21 years later, she still doesn’t have a set daily routine. School secretaries might often be seen on the phone with parents, but they also take care of tummy aches, parking permits and just keeping the school in order. From preschool to high school they care most about connecting with the students they see every day. Hilliard City Schools is ready for tomorrow thanks to caring staff members like Debbie!

Getting our students to school!

The Hilliard City Schools cares about your student and that includes making sure your student is safe coming to and from school. There are 8,400 students on 126 buses each day. And those buses cover about 7,500 miles per day on the road. You can be sure drivers like Miss Fergie, who has been a driver for 29 years, and the entire transportation staff is working hard to get your student safely home to you. If you have any questions about transportation you can contact them here.