Life After Hilliard Schools

Hilliard City Schools offers lots of opportunities for students to earn college credit while they are still in high school, potentially saving families thousands of dollars in college tuition. See what a difference these options made for Hilliard Bradley High School alumna Casey Hribrar. Providing options like these helps to ensure that every Hilliard Schools’ student is Ready for Tomorrow. For more information on dual enrollment opportunities check out the High School Program of Studies.

Life After Hilliard City Schools

Hilliard City Schools’ teachers are at the core of our excellence and create great opportunities for students. Some of them choose to come back to our schools to continue this tradition for other students. Listen to Hilliard Darby High School alumna Katherine Hueter and how she was Ready for her Tomorrow because of Hilliard City Schools, but more importantly how she is now creating excellence for her students today so that they are Ready for their Tomorrow.

What’s He Thinking? Part Two

As many of you know, I have an active Twitter feed @drjcm and the district maintains an active Twitter feed @HilliardSchools and a Hilliard City Schools Facebook page. Many of you, especially students, posed some interesting comments and questions on these social media channels this week. While I can’t possibly answer every Tweet or post, here are a couple answers to commonly asked questions. Read More

Digital Learning Day Video Winner

Congratulations to Hilliard Heritage Middle School eighth grade student Ryan Cochran. His video for the Ohio Digital Learning Day Competition received the second highest number of votes in the state. Ohio Digital Learning Day celebrates Ohio’s commitment to increasing student access to quality digital and blended learning. Ryan produced the video in his Media Explorations class. You can see his video here. When students take what they learn in the classroom and excel in competitions outside the district, it shows they are Ready For Tomorrow.

Parent Message – Blizzard Bags Reminder

February 4, 2014

Dear Hilliard Schools Families,

Watching the Weather Channel for updates on storm predictions has become my new hobby. Watching my Twitter account for possible school closures or delays has become the obsession of many students. And finding appropriate child care has become a routine struggle for many working families as this winter continues to pound the mid-west with extremely cold temperatures and significant snow falls. I’d say this is normal Ohio weather, but using five calamity days by the end of January is certainly not normal. With the threat of additional winter storms predicted this week, I thought this would be a good time to remind everyone about our alternate make-up plan should an additional calamity day become necessary. Read More

Life After Hilliard City Schools

Hilliard City Schools has a strong tradition of preparing students for life after high school. Listen to Hilliard Davidson High School alumnus Ryan Blevins and how because of Hilliard City Schools, he was Ready for his Tomorrow.

Careful Planning Today Creates Opportunities Tomorrow

During World War II, then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said, “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” For the Hilliard City School District planning is an important part of our regular practices. Part of effective planning is having a vision that seeks every opportunity to make the most of district resources.

The Hilliard City School District has been blessed with great vision. Every fiscal efficiency permits our district to provide opportunities for students today. The strong leadership of the Board of Education, past and current administrators and our community leaders not only provided for previous students, but continues to ensure that we are able to prepare today’s students for tomorrow. Read More