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Infrequently Answered Questions

From time to time Superintendent John Marschhausen is asked similar questions from different members of the community. In an effort to share the answers with everyone he puts the questions here with his candid responses.

My son is a high school athlete. Our neighbor’s kids are in the band and always selling things and asking for money. What is the district’s position on mandatory fundraisers?

First of all, and I can’t be any more direct, there are no mandatory fundraisers. If you feel your child is being pressured into selling items or asking for money, please contact your school’s principal. We don’t force student participation in fundraising activities. Read More

Production a Team Effort at Weaver

Everyone enjoys watching a story unfold on stage or on the big screen. The one thing that many people overlook is the hundreds of student-hours of work that goes on behind the scenes.

The Weaver Middle School Tech Crew has been working a couple of hours a day for the last three weeks to prepare the sets for the school’s production of Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen. This group of 20-30 seventh and eighth graders has been busy creating props that will set the scene that the actors use for their performance. From building a bench that the actors will sit on during the garden scene to creating a pirate ship, Tech Crew’s job is to make the director’s vision a reality. Read More

Digital Safety at Home

Please join our technology team as they present a workshop for parents and students on how to keep your home safe in the digital world. There will be two breakout groups, one for parents and one for students. Each group will focus on ways to work safer in a digital world at home.

This class will be on Saturday, March 11 at the Hilliard Public Library. It will begin at 9:30 am. Please check back on our One2One webpage for future parent and student workshops.

Creative Writing with Night Zookeeper at Avery

Avery students are LOVING Night Zookeeper. Night Zookeeper is a digital online writing tool, purchased by the Avery PTO, which inspires a LOVE of writing, is extremely motivating for kids, and provides a global audience. It includes lessons created by teachers around the globe, blogging site, and assessments!

In an effort to promote creativity through writing the students are actively writing and working on high quality words for their age level. The teachers are seeing even their reluctant writers engaged and eager to write.

This contest runs throughout the month of March. Avery is in first place among other second grades and eighth overall with over 100 classes participating! Pushing students to find new passions in learning prepares them to be Ready for Tomorrow.

Darby Creek Etiquette Luncheon

The second grade students in Mrs. Susie Scott’s class participated in an etiquette luncheon. The purpose of creating the Etiquette luncheon comes from education researchers who have found that when we attach a joyful experience to a piece of learning that the brain will retrieve that information more readily, hold onto it, and be able to retrieve it later to use and transfer that learning. Read More

Poetry at Avery

The fifth grade students at Avery Elementary were introduced to the book Love That Dog by Sharon Creech to begin their poetry unit in Language Arts. In this book, a reluctant writer falls in love with poetry as the teacher shares different poems with her class. The boy finally expresses the loss of his dog through poetry. Read More