Working Together to Tackle Big Problems

Our district has been intentional in language we use to talk about what is important in our school community. We have focused on three core values that we expect from ourselves as educators and from the students in our classrooms. We strive for alignment in both our language and our actions. Yes, our words matter – and yes, our actions matter more. We must not only talk the talk, but we must walk the walk.

In the Hilliard City Schools our three core values are: Read More

We are Ready for Tomorrow

In Hilliard, we use many tools to measure our students’ growth. This week, the Ohio Department of Education will release its annual Local School Report Cards. This is merely one tool, one set of data that is used.

We know there is so much more to a child’s learning and growth than what is measured on this report card, which offers only a limited snapshot on a handful of indicators. Instead, let us look at the ways we are empowering our young people more than ever before.

In Hilliard City Schools, we have: Read More

Hilliard Grad and Veteran Helps Weaver Students with the Big Picture

AJ Muscaro, a previous Hilliard Davidson graduate returned from his nine-month deployment to Afghanistan this summer. He spent two days guest speaking for Mrs. Muscaro’s Personal Decisions classes at Weaver Middle School. His lesson included personal stories from his own childhood as well as from overseas. He discussed adversity, labels, resiliency, grit, and complacency. Read More

Naviance Parent Information Nights

Our High School Guidance Counselors have rolled out Naviance to our students, which is a comprehensive website that will assist you with plans for colleges, careers and much more.

In order to help our parents and guardians work with their student in Naviance we have set up parent nights so you can see what this program can do for you. This “must see” event for parents of juniors and seniors will provide valuable information to use in helping prepare your student to be Ready for Tomorrow. Please join us for one of these nights. Read More