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2017 Academic Signing

We are proud to recognize 268 students from the 2017 graduating class who took part in this year’s academic signing. To be a part of this prestigious ceremony a student must have earned at least $20,000 in scholarships to attend college. This year our students have earned over $39 million. Congratulations to these students and their families.

Hilliard University for Staff

On Tuesday we hosted our sixth Hilliard University for staff. This is a day of professional learning for each member of our staff. The sessions offered were a mix of staff developed, first responder classes and outside business partners. There were over 200 sessions to choose from. When we say we prepare students to be Ready for Tomorrow it starts with our staff. With the desire to be better today, than yesterday, we embrace a growth mindset in every department of our District. You can watch a short video of the day here.


One2One Parent Survey

This is an annual survey for our One2One initiative to help inform and guide our support and professional development for teachers moving forward. We would like to have as many parents as possible take the survey so we can utilize feedback from our parents, students and staff. This will drive our work as we strive to provide both a Blended and Personalized Learning Environment for our district staff and students.

If you are a parent or guardian, take the survey now

Artist in Residence at Memorial

Contemporary Pop artist, Erica Arndts spent the day with art students at Memorial. Three of her paintings will be seen in Al Pacino’s next film, “The Hangman.” In 2D art students have a unit on Pop Art. They study artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein to contemporary, current practicing artists like Erica Arndts. Students will explore Erica’s approach to creating portraits and familiarize themselves with her techniques. Students explore value and learn to trust the process of color application to make the portraits successful.

The photo of Erica holding a framed image is of portraits that the students created of Erica in her style. She cried when she opened it. The kids did an amazing job! I have attached a few of the kids portraits of her as well.

Infrequently Answered Questions

The Hilliard City School District is proud of our culture. We strive to live our mission – to ensure that every student is Ready for Tomorrow. The work is challenging, serving a diverse community requires focus and intentional decision-making, and communication is key. We embrace the responsibility of educating 16,500 student each day. We know not everyone will always agree with our decisions, techniques, or strategies. When we disagree, my goal as your superintendent is to share “the why” and hear all views. Things won’t always change . . . while we strive for one-hundred percent agreement we know it isn’t possible.

With this in mind, here are some questions that have been raised in the last couple of weeks. These are tough ones – there is no easy answer.

From Facebook: What happened to worksheets, binders, text books, writing 5 page papers, using graphing calculators and passing notes? Read More

Hilliard Students Inducted into Tolles National Technical Honor Society

Tolles inducted several Hilliard students into its chapter of the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) and honored retiring Tolles Superintendent Kim Wilson during the annual induction ceremony. NTHS is America’s highest award for excellence in career-technical education.

Students inducted into the Tolles Chapter included: Read More