Hilliard Station Roller Coasters

The 6th grade students at Station have been studying a roller coaster to better understand potential and kinetic energy and motion. Students constructed roller coasters to demonstrate their understanding of these standards. Students then presented to judges from the Ohio State Roller Coaster Club, Engineering students from the three high schools, and their teachers. You can watch this video to see some of the authentic learning taking place at Station.


Weaver 3D Art Teapots

Weaver’s Advanced 3D Art just finished their functional art unit. For this assignment students demonstrated increased technical skill in ceramics and craftsmanship by using more complex processes, such as slab building and wheel-throwing to design teapots and cups. Each teapot and cup unify through theme, color and texture. To celebrate the success of the project, Mrs. Murlin hosted a “Tea” party, so students could use their functional art work.

Hour of Code at Britton and Norwich

Students from Britton and Norwich Elementary worked together for a 2-school Hour of Code assembly. They heard from speakers who talked about the computer science and robotics classes offered at Davidson and Tolles, the history of computer programming, and saw a robotic dog the Davidson students built. Read More

How to Best Use the District Calendar

This fall the Hilliard Schools launched a new activities calendar. For those who haven’t had the time to learn all the new tricks and techniques to make it best work for you, we have put together a short video to watch. This is best for parents and community members who want to learn how to see different events on the calendar. Our goal is to make this a system that will help you and your family have instant access to district events and activities.

Superintendent Featured on Learning Leaders Podcast

The Learning Leaders Podcast is a program hosted by Ryan Hawk. Hawk hopes to help listeners understand the journey successful leaders are on so that we can better understand our own. He says the show is full of stories told by world class leaders. Personal stories of successes, failures and lessons learned along the way. His guests come from diverse backgrounds—some are best-selling authors, others are genius entrepreneurs and one even made a million dollars wearing t-shirts for a year.

In this episode, #91, Hawk talks with Superintendent John Marschhausen about his views on leadership in our schools. In Hawk’s own words he says, “John shares detailed, research backed evidence to how we can better lead our children. We are extremely fortunate to have John share his knowledge with us, the loyal listeners of The Learning Leader Show.”

Listen to the Podcast

Hilliard Students Have Roles in Movie

Four Hilliard students have had the chance to participate in a movie which is playing in theaters now. Kaleigh Loughridge and Jordan, Alicia and Stephanie Caple played extras in The Bronze. Stephanie was a featured extra. Alicia played a gymnast and Kaleigh and Jordan were crowd extras. Actress Melissa Rauch, who also stars in The Big Bang Theory, is the star of this movie. Congratulations to these young ladies. This picture is of the four girls having a fun night out, the photographer was Kelsey Runge.