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Celebrating Positive Events This Winter Break

We experience many positive events in our lives each and every day. As we prepare for winter break, it is a natural opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments over the past year. Each positive event provides us an opportunity to respond with intentionality, of purpose, and with skill. We work to stay Above the Line when we face challenges; we must also live Above the Line when we experience success.

Think about it . . . when someone else makes a difference, when someone else creates a positive experience for us, what does it say about us if we don’t press pause and take the time to enjoy the experience? If we simply respond to positive events on autopilot we are living Below the Line. Read More

What is a Senior Capstone Project?

As a senior in high school preparing myself for the next step in life, I am continuously being asked the same enervating questions that leave me even more confused about my future plans than before. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go to school? What do you want to study? What job do you hope to have? I am expected to know all of these answers, but when in reality, I am only sure of one thing, I have no idea!

The senior capstone project is designed to aid a student with figuring all of these answers out. It gives students direction when trying to shape their future; it is a chance to discover what they Read More

State Recognition for an Outstanding Teacher and Principal

Congratulations to Lisa Shepard as she was chosen Ohio World Language Teacher of the Year! Lisa is a National Board Certified Teacher in World Languages, holds two master degrees and writes a blog that is well referenced in the World Language community. As we are fond of saying, she’s a rock star! Lisa will now compete at the regional level for teacher of the year, with that decision coming in early March. Read More

The Darby Creek Makerspace

Imagine a place where students tinker, discover, create and pursue their own questions. Picture a girl constructing a model of a planet, a youngster exploring snap circuits and a pair of students conducting a design challenge. Envision a student driven space where kids design their own learning, discover passions and follow interests. Welcome to the Darby Creek Community Makerspace!

Makerspace is an area for students to foster their creativity and critical thinking skills. Filled with everything from arts and crafts to robotics, this room is open to all students in the building. Each Read More

Service and Commitment

Leadership is about creating an environment for others to perform at their best. It’s about inspiring those in the organization to perform at levels that exceed their own expectations. Leadership is cultivating a culture that drives the behavior that produces exceptional results.

Leaders lead from a position of trust and respect. True leaders don’t need a title . . . they lead by their actions. Leaders are intentional, purposeful, and skilled. Leaders act with character and make connections. Read More

Hilliard Alumni Guest Lectures at Tharp

A Hilliard Davidson alum and current medical student, Alex Schueler, presented to Tharp Sixth Grade students about cellular functions, human systems, and diseases. Hilliard Tharp students are currently in the research stage of their personalized Disease Project. Students select one disease topic of strong personal interest. This project challenges students to apply their understandings of living things at the cellular Read More