Student Leaders Bring Anti Bullying Message to Peers

Preparing Hilliard students to be Ready for Tomorrow means teaching them to be leaders today. At J.W. Reason Elementary student leaders wanted to bring a motivational speaker to their school to deliver an anti bullying message. The group put together a raffle to raise enough money to bring in Basketball Jones. The assembly inspired students to make good choices in life. It embraced them to open up and show kindness and respect for one another. And they were empowered to take what they heard and make their school community even better.

Building Confidence Through Transparency

In his closing statement of the Gettysburg Address President Abraham Lincoln stated that our country “shall have a new rebirth of freedom – and that the government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Public schools are part an essential function of government in our great country. Your tax dollars, your elected school board members, and your state leaders all support the educational process of young people in Hilliard Schools. State laws, the State Board of Education and the Hilliard Board of Education govern our district. Read More

Kindergarten Students Go Around the World

The young explorers at Hilliard Crossing Elementary are travelling the world. Each student has a passport which gets stamped every time they enter a new country. In each country they are reading about new cultures, learning how to speak some of the language, discovering new foods and seeing how the children play. Read More

Senior Interview Contest

Three Hilliard seniors took part in the 15th annual Senior Interview Contest at Tolles Career and Technical Center. This is a highly competitive event in which business and industry professionals interview the students. Based on interview skills they rank the top students. Hilliard Darby senior Jacob Hitch took third place. Hilliard Bradley senior Denishia Robinson placed second. Hilliard Bradley senior Elaine Kennedy also participated. When students are empowered to excel in interviews, they are able to be Ready for Tomorrow.

First Grade Writers Workshop with Technology

The Washington Elementary students in Dara Chamberlain’s first grade class are writing book reviews using iPads. To begin, they first explored the concept of an opinion. Literacy Coach Amy Smedly had students look at real reviews and real opinion pieces written by other first grade students. The students began to write their own opinion pieces about toys, video games, food, and finally books. They then worked with Media Specialist Linda Culbertson on book reviews. Read More