Davidson Seniors Help Disabled Dog

The Hilliard Davidson pre-engineering class took on a project this year to help a disabled dog. Through the year they worked on designing and then building a wheelchair for the dog to use. As part of the Project Lead the Way Program, they spent many hours in class and out of class to accomplish the task. The students put together a video to highlight the results.

As Students Graduate – Thanks for Making a Difference

Tonight marks the first of three very important evenings for Hilliard City Schools. We will celebrate as 1,117 Hilliard seniors become alumni and take their first steps towards their tomorrow. As superintendent I am so honored to be part of these celebrations. Graduation is the culmination of many years of hard work, determination and support from lots of different people. Read More

Hilliard Horizon Capstone Projects

Fifth grade students at Horizon Elementary have been working on a year-long Capstone project. Students were given the opportunity to choose something they were passionate about and explore the topic through research and hands on inquiry. Students decided how they wanted to present their Capstone projects. They shared the projects with families and staff members at the Innovative Learning Center. This project gave students the chance to build on everything they have learned in elementary school. When students can find their passions and learn to explore those passions they are Ready for Tomorrow.

Britton’s Barnyard Buddies

The Britton Elementary fifth grade students were given a math challenge to design a petting zoo. They used measurement, multiplication, fractions and geometry in coming up with the construction plan. They designed their petting zoo to accommodate six animals. Once the zoo was built they invited the entire school to stop out and visit, many students interacting with animals they had never seen before. This is a unique real world learning project which fits into fifth grade math curriculum standards. Students will be Ready for Tomorrow when they are given opportunities today to solve real world problems.

iPads in Art and Creative Media

Over the past couple of months, Director of Technology Rich Boettner has been blogging about the use of iPads in classrooms every day. As we wrap up the school year he looks at two more classrooms. Mrs. Kitchen’s Creative Media course at Weaver Middle School uses a variety of apps on the iPad to create videos and work collaboratively. Mrs. Murlin’s 8th Grade art classes are using iPads for stop motion claymation videos, iMovie for live video editing, and Google Apps for collaboration projects. Students must have the opportunity to use the most current technology in order to be Ready for Tomorrow. You can watch videos from both classes and read more in the Technology Connections Blog.

Senior Compliments

The senior class from Hilliard Davidson High School took time this week to compliment one another. A group of students posted a message on social media asking for compliments of other students. They gathered and reviewed all the compliments, then printed out the compliments. They did this for every single senior. The compliments were randomly posted on the windows of the commons this week. All students, not just the seniors, have been reading the positive comments. Principal John Bandow says he is impressed with the seniors who took this project on and accomplished such a positive celebration.

Community Garden

The Washington Elementary PTO received a $2000 Whole Kids Foundation grant to build a community garden. The Whole Foods Market Company believes that given the right opportunities, kids will get excited about fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other nutritious whole foods. The PTO worked with 9 Trees Landscaping to build the garden with third grade students. They plan to include more grades as the garden grows. Giving students opportunities to take what they learn in the classroom and put it to work in the world around them, prepares the student to be Ready for Tomorrow.