State of the Schools

Superintendent John Marschhausen, Ph.D., updated residents about the current priorities and future goals of the Hilliard City School District during the annual State of the Schools address. The event gave all residents, parents, students and staff members the opportunity to learn about the direction their schools are headed and what this means for the community. “I’m excited to share not only the great things happening in our schools, but the vision for the future,” said Marschhausen. “This event will focus on how Hilliard Schools embraces, empowers and inspires so that the entire district is ready for tomorrow.”

What’s Below the Grass

The third grade teachers and media specialist at Alton Darby Elementary conducted class “underground.” The students learned about the purposes of soil, different soil habitats, and the creatures that live in the world below their feet. The school PTO sponsored the Soil Tunnel from the Delaware Soil and Water Conservation District. This meets third grade science curriculum standards of observation, measuring and classification. Third-grade students explore the properties and composition of rocks and soils and the interaction of forces and motion. They also compare the life cycles of animals, classifications of animals according to their characteristics, descriptions of their habitat and adaptations to their environment.

Hilliard Davidson High School Homecoming

Hilliard Davidson High School would like to recognize their honored Homecoming Court Attendants and Senior Candidates. Freshman Court Representatives are Cassidy Boyuk and Travis Moore. Sophomore Court Representatives are Marie Wilson and Luke Jackson. Junior Court Representatives are Kyla Stroh and Sean Liberati. Tolles Senior Court Representatives are Samantha Class and Denzel Burke. Senior Homecoming Court Queen Candidates are: Melissa Hong, Blair Neslon, Chloe Shevlin, Kaley Slagle and Marisa Smock. Senior Homecoming Court King Candidates are: Cole Andromalos, Philip Ferguson, Jack Johns, John Rezabek, and Michael Smith. Students will be recognized during the pre-game ceremony on October 18th. Hilliard Davidson Wildcats will be home playing against Olentangy Liberty High School. The Homecoming Dance will be held at Hilliard Davidson High School on Saturday, October 19th from 8:00 until 11:00 pm.

Teachable Moments…Taking Advantage of Challenges

“The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry” is one of the most quoted literary texts in conversational situations. It is from the 1786 Robert Burns poem “To a Mouse” which was the inspiration for the title of the 1937 novel “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck. It tells us that sometimes no matter how much we work and plan, things still don’t always turn out the way we had wanted. Read More

Hilliard Weaver Students Visit Memorial

Students from Weaver Middle School visited First Responders Park in downtown Hilliard and talked to Hilliard Police Chief Doug Francis. Chief Francis shared the significance of the memorial through the eyes of the Hilliard and Norwich Township Departments. He describes this venture as one of his most important moments in not only his professional life but also his personal life. Chief Francis highlighted various aspects of the park including the connection to the Pentagon which he says is home to one of the most impressive tributes to the events of September eleventh. This meets social study curriculum standards of historical thinking with a clear sense of the past, present and future. This includes skills such as locating, researching and interpreting primary and secondary sources so students can begin to understand relationships among events and draw conclusions. Being critical thinkers and drawing their own conclusions creates students who are ready for tomorrow.

Welcome Home Captain Jill Dixon

Hilliard City Schools cares about our students and their families. District representatives and the entire Beacon Elementary School community were excited to welcome home Captain Jill Dixon, a nurse in the United States Air Force who has been stationed at a base just outside of Afghanistan since April 2012. All six of the Dixon children have attended Beacon Elementary School with the two youngest, twins Alayna and Brianna, in the fourth grade this year. Captain Dixon surprised the twins at school by coming home a week earlier than they had planned. She also presented the school with a United States flag that was flown during a mission.

Dispatch Article Highlights Great Schools and Good Home Values in Hilliard Schools

The Columbus Dispatch recently included the article “Moderate prices and superior schools help Hilliard homes sell quickly” by Jim Weiker. The article explains that the housing market in the Hilliard City School District is outpacing the rest of Central, Ohio in part because of the great schools. “While flashier parts of central Ohio might get the buzz, the housing market in this western suburb has quietly plugged along, outperforming the rest of greater Columbus by every significant measure.”  Read the full article