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Norwich News

A student led news program called, Norwich News, kicked off its 15th year last week. The school news reporting team started in 2001 and has evolved over time. Fourth and fifth grade students apply each year and are selected to be on the team. Students report on current events such as sports, weather, news in the world, book reviews, and much more! Originally, the news was filmed using a video camera and edited in iMovie. With the district’s One-to-One initiative, students now use iPads to record their news articles, use apps like “Explain Everything” and “iMovie” to edit, and then upload them to air as one episode using their Google Drive accounts. The episodes air each Friday for the entire school to enjoy. Giving students the opportunity to create current event news programs prepares them to be Ready for Tomorrow.

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SACC Works to Build Communication Tools

In an effort to share the great things happening at SACC this year, the site coordinators took time to set up Twitter accounts. Working with Hilliard Davidson Student Nik Walker, the staff set up building accounts and learned the best tips to use to connect with parents. This tool will give parents a chance to see what their kid’s are doing while they are in SACC each day. Communication with parents is an essential element of our responsibility here in Hilliard. We strive each day to find ways to reach parents, no matter where they look for news and information.

Lego League Elementary Teams

Update: Congratulations to the Avery Lego Tigers. They placed 9th in the state tournament this past weekend.

Both Avery and Horizon Elementary run Lego League Teams. The Horizon LavaBots (first year competing with nine team members) and The Avery Hilliard Lego Tigers (third year competing with five members) competed in the Dublin Robotics First Lego League District Tournament against 33 other teams.

Teams designed their own solution to a current scientific question or problem and built autonomous Lego robots that performed a series of missions. Through their participation, the students developed valuable life skills, including presentation, team building, and programming while discovering exciting Read More

Bring a Friend to the ILC

The Innovative Learning Center welcomed more than 700 students already this school year. The goal of the ILC is to offer unique learning experiences for students in 7th-12th grade. These experiences all derive from our four networks, Young Professionals, College Jumpstart, Imagination, and the Personal Success Network.

Last week, students from Davidson, Darby and Bradley attended Bring a Friend to the ILC. The students were given a tour of the ILC and Annex. Director of Innovation Brent Wise welcomed the students and then Academy EDU students shared their experiences with the group and answered questions. Preparing students to be Ready for Tomorrow means giving them information and access to all the opportunities available here in the Hilliard City Schools.

How Parents and teens Can Make Sense of the New PSAT Scores

U.S. News and World Report recently published an article helping parents and teens understand the new PSAT scores. When looking for an expert to interview on the topic they reached out to Hilliard’s own College Counselor, Tom Woodford. Mr. Woodford is well respected among his peers nationally and we are fortunate to have such an amazing resource here in our high schools. Read the entire article.

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