New Website for Parents to Help with Elementary Math

In response to a parent survey asking parents what type of information and help was needed with regards to elementary math, Hilliard City Schools has created a parent website. Parents asked questions about the curriculum being taught and why it was “different” from when they learned how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. This website is meant to give parents some background on why different methods are taught at each grade level. It will also show video examples of ways parents can work with students at home to help alleviate homework stress. Read More

Student Run Genius Bar

With the One2One roll out of iPads at the sixth grade buildings this year it was important to have a place students could take their device if they needed support. Both Tharp and Station set up student run Genius Bars. This is the place students can take their device during the day to trouble shoot issues. The students who run the help desk have been trained in basic trouble shooting procedures. If the fix is not so simple they can immediately fill out a service ticket for our technology department. While a device is being serviced the student is loaned a new iPad to keep the learning process going. Putting students in charge of the Genius Bar is giving them an opportunity to be technology leaders in their schools, and gives them another opportunity to be Ready for Tomorrow.

iPads for First Grade Reading and Math

Director of Technology Rich Boettner blogs about how Hilliard students are using iPads in the classroom every day. In this spotlight, Deb Fraizer shows how she and her first grade students at Darby Creek Elementary use iPads. Mrs. Frazier uses iPads daily as just one more tool for her student’s learning. They use a variety of apps and websites to support their learning such as Educreation, Pixie and Kidblog. They frequently use it for writing but also use it for math workshops.


iPads in Algebra

Director of Technology Rich Boettner is blogging about how technology is used every day at Hilliard City Schools. In this video you can see how Brent Bower uses his iPad to help students in Algebra. He has been working on the iPad for the past couple of years. Using Educreations, he records problem-solving techniques and sends them to the students to refer to later when they are trying to do their homework. Read Rich’s blog, and watch the Algebra video below.

A Loss for our Hilliard Family

Hilliard City Schools is sad to announce that Grace Tharp has passed away in California. Ms. Tharp was the first woman elected to the Scioto Darby Board of Education in 1957, before we were even called the Hilliard City School District. She is the namesake of Tharp Sixth Grade School.

Her dedication to our schools spanned more than 20 years. She would return to Tharp each year for the awards ceremony. During the ceremony she would read a quote from Mother Teresa; “People are often unreasonable and self centered, forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives, be kind anyway, if you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and genuine enemies, succeed anyway. Read More

Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Winners

Congratulations to more than a dozen Hilliard Students who took home awards during this year’s Governor Youth Art Exhibition. A total of nearly 12,000 art entries were submitted from Ohio high schools.

Thad Ricker, Hilliard Davidson Art teacher and executive director and coordinator of the exhibition states, “It is with great pride that we exhibit these students’ artworks at The James A. Rhodes State Office Tower in Columbus. The exhibition is a testament to the high quality of visual arts education that exists in our state. Read More