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Quality Profile : Technology

We must keep pace with the changes in technology. Our students must have instant access to updated curriculum. In this Quality Profile video you will see and hear about the ways we provide relevant content to our 16,000 plus students as soon as it becomes available. We are economically, racially and culturally diverse, but the mission of our school binds us together and technology will continue to be vital as we move forward. We have put together the Quality Profile video series to spotlight ways our district continues to prepare our students to be Ready for Tomorrow. They are available on the top left side of the district web page.

Guest Blog: Parents, Take Advantage One2One Help Sessions

By Denise Regenbogen, Hilliard Parent

I have a daughter heading to high school; she had an iPad last year. As she got her iPad in the beginning of the school year, I had concerns about it. Since I am not a very tech-savvy mom, I worried, how will I know what is going on. How can I see her work? How will I know what she is doing? How will I know she is using the IPad correctly? Read More

Quality Profile : Community Partnerships

Community partnerships are vital to the success of the Hilliard School District. We know that the safety and security of our students must be our highest priority. That is why we are so proud of the close partnership we have with our local first responders. In this video you will hear the Hilliard Police Chief and the Norwich Township Fire Battalion Chief talk about the partnerships we have created to keep our schools safe.

You can watch our the entire video series by clicking on the links on the front of our web page, they are located on the top left side.

Hilliard Principal Honored by Library Media Association

Mr. Craig Vroom, principal of Weaver Middle School, has been named the 2016 Ohio Outstanding Administrator of the Year by the Ohio Educational Library Media Association. Craig will receive his official award in October at the Association’s Awards Ceremony during the Annual Conference. Read More

ILC Teacher Honored with Award

Battelle for Kids recently recognized Jennifer Sayre as a distinguished educator for her tremendous impact on students, colleagues, and our community. Ms. Sayre was among 44 teachers from across Ohio to receive the 2016 Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator Award as a representative of excellence in the teaching profession. The awards were presented during a program at the Educators Connect for Success Conference in Columbus on June 14. Read More

Quality Profile : Student Involvement

In this Quality Profile video series we want to show you how we invest each and every day in more than 16,000 students. It’s more than just results of a standardized test, it’s about investing in the future leaders of the United States. You can watch our introduction video, our academics video and our whole child video by clicking on the links on the front of our web page, they are located on the the top left side. In this video we hear from our teachers and coaches on the importance of getting and keeping our students involved in their own education.