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Davidson Senior Designs Custom Mobile Genius Bar

Wanting to give back to his school as part of his Eagle Scout Project, senior Andrew DeWeese designed and built a custom mobile Genius Bar. The Genius Bar required over 100 hours of manual labor, and was built in cooperation with Paul George, owner of George’s Cabinet Shop in Mechanicsburg. The Genius Bar features slots large enough to hold commonly used tablets, two drawers for tools and supplies, and an interchangeable electrical system for chargers. Read More

State Report Cards Released

You may have seen media reports this week that the Ohio Department of Education has released state report cards. Portions of the report card scores are based on the controversial PARCC assessments many of our students took last school year.

The PARCC tests occurred over multiple, lengthy sittings from February to April 2015. Since that time, due to public outcry from parents, educators and community members, the Ohio General Assembly moved to switch tests away from PARCC. Now, our district results from last year are being released, a full nine months after students took the test. Many people are left wondering, “What is the point?” Read More

Thank you – It’s About Education

Thank you to our bus drivers for getting our student safely to school.

Thank you to our custodians and maintenance crews for having our schools ready for students.

Thank you to the road crews for preparing our roads for cars and buses.

Thank you to our parents for bundling up your kids and reinforcing the importance of education. Read More

Honors English Nine Digital Portfolios

Davidson students in Tony Maite’s Honors English Nine class were given a project to create a digital portfolio to showcase their own personal reading goals. Here students worked independently and collaboratively to complete the project. When they finished the project they uploaded it to their Google Drive and then inserted to their online portfolio. Clarity of evidence was key for this assignment. When students are tasked with documenting their own learning from a course, they are able to demonstrate their level of understanding of the material.

Infrequently Answered Questions – Frozen Edition

From time to time Superintendent John Marschhausen is asked the same questions from different members of the community. In an effort to share the answers with everyone he puts the questions here with his candid responses.

As winter has finally seized a frozen grip on central Ohio, and the forecast includes periodic snow showers and cold temperatures, the inevitable questions about temperature and school safety resurface.

First of all, you can check out this blog from our archives. While temperatures hovering around zero are cold, we do live in central Ohio and we must dress for the weather. The same can be said for snow. If we get an inch or two, and the roads are passable with some extra time, we will have school. It is imperative that we plan for the inevitable winter weather in Ohio. If the forecast is for snow, get up a little earlier and give yourself extra time. If parents are concerned about their teenage drives, our busses will be happy to pick up students that normally drive.

When are the professional development days in February and March? Are they different than last year? Read More

Running a Business at Scioto Darby

Fourth grade students at Scioto Darby have been studying economics and decided to start their own business. They choose to market and sell ‘Soup-in-a-Jar.’ They studied how to make a brand through advertisements and then set up an assembly line to manufacture the products. They collaborated within different departments in the company such as the assembly line, advertisers, and packing department. This is part of the economics curriculum for Social Studies. They were able to make more than $1100 which they donated to the Hilliard Food Pantry and the World Wildlife Foundation. You can watch a video of their production line here.