International Flag Dedication

Ridgewood Elementary School invited all of their English Language Learner (ELL) students and their families to attend an International Flag Dedication Celebration! This year opened with nine new flags flying in the entrance. The new flags represent the different countries from which our ELL students come: Mexico, China, Cambodia, Iraq, Palestine, Senegal, India, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Tara Grove, principal, and Kristin Pease, ELL teacher, planned this event, with several parent helpers. Parents, grandparents, siblings, and even cousins came to support their ELL student and to meet new people. Many family pictures were taken under the flags of their native country. There was international food, a video of all the students, and short presentations by the students telling our audience more about their native countries. There was even an impromptu flag parade, similar to the Olympics! In Hilliard our diversity is our strength; it’s what makes Hilliard students Ready for Tomorrow.

Strong Schools Mean Strong Communities

Strong schools and strong communities go hand in hand. In this video we hear Superintendent John Marschhausen and Hilliard Mayor Don Schonhardt discuss how our excellent schools help to maintain property values and attract quality businesses to our community. Helping students grow to be the future leaders of our community is at the heart of our mission and is why we prepare student to be Ready for Tomorrow.

Parenting in the Digital Age

We often hear questions from our parents regarding concerns about our use of iPads in the classrooms. These range from safety concerns, to basic how to operate the devices. For the second year our technology department will host a series of parent workshops to teach our parents more about how we are utilizing the devices in our classrooms. The first one will be October 15th from 9:30am -11:00am at the Hilliard Public Library. Please bring questions you may have to this informative workshop taught by our own tech team.View the full list of sessions: Parent Digital Workshops

Guest Blog: One2One Update

We are proud to announce that our One2One program is up and running and today students in grades 6 through 12 have an iPad assigned to them during the school year that they can use in class and at home. Our elementary students are also using iPads throughout the school day.

One of the big questions we still get is how are we paying for it. We did not want to incur an increase in costs in the district so we had to find a way to spend money differently. One of the advantages of having a device in each student’s hand is that some materials are no longer needed if the student can access the material digitally. So we created a plan for reductions and changes in the way we purchase materials and hardware so that those savings could be used to provide a device for each child. Read More

Cardboard Challenge Community Event

The Columbus Museum of Art and the Past Foundation have selected Hilliard City Schools to host a Community Cardboard Challenge for the second year in a row. The event took place over the weekend and involved many of our elementary schools. Students from the entire district were invited to attend the play day.

Students (and their parents) had the opportunity to play and experiment while learning and using their critical thinking skills. It was a morning of imagination, creative challenges, and cardboard fueled fun!

You can click here to see more photos from the day!


Writers Workshop

Ms. Santagata’s Writer’s Craft students were given the opportunity to personalize their work. They were able to listen to and study their favorite songs. Giving students a choice in their assignments allows them to follow their passions. They did the research and then presented their findings to their peers & principals in the Weaver courtyard. Their songs played in the background as they read with passion and purpose.