Notice of Special Meeting

Notice is hereby given; there will be a SPECIAL meeting of the Board of Education of the Hilliard City School District on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2013 at 7:00 P.M. located at Hilliard City Schools Central Office Administration Building, 2140 Atlas Street, Columbus, Ohio. The meeting will be a work session to discuss the evaluation process for the Superintendent and Treasurer/CFO.

 The meeting is called by Brian W. Wilson, Treasurer/CFO of the Hilliard City School District Board of Education, at the direction of the President of said Board.

Reading at Home Summer Program

Students at Washington Elementary didn’t let a little rain keep them from celebrating their successful summer reading program. A medal, picnic lunch and extra recess time awaited those who read 22 hours and answered ten comprehension questions over the summer. Reading and learning to read are problem solving processes that require year round work. Beginners develop basic concepts, as they grow, students learn to analyze and evaluate texts to demonstrate their understanding of text. The Washington reading at home program is a collaboration of the PTO, staff and parents, all working together to inspire the love of reading. More than 230 students participated in the program.

Power use cut back to save money and help prevent blackouts

The Hilliard City School district was asked to shed electric use on Wednesday (September 11) due to a critical need in the power grid serving thirteen states and Washington DC. The district, along with thousands of other institutions and businesses, complied to protect the 61 million people served in this area. While major energy components such as our mechanical systems were turned off and may have caused some to notice a temperature change, it saved others from being completely without power.

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McVey Innovative Learning Center Extended Hours

In an effort to reach out to all students in the district, the McVey Innovative Learning Center will be open after school and on weekends. This will let students use pre-engineering computers, a 3D printer, 30 desktop computers, the iMac collaborative space, mounted flat screens, the Fish Tank, collaborative space for up to 50 students and many more resources. Students in grades 6-12 are welcome during the after-hours and students 5th grade and younger are permitted while accompanied by a staff member. To check out hours and available resources just go to the MILC web page. Students do need to register here before showing up.

Superintendent Engages Former Board Members

Former Board of Education members were invited to hear about district priorities and tour the McVey Innovative Learning Center. Valuing history as the district moves forward is just one example of how Hilliard City Schools is leading the way.

Update to the 2014-15 Calendar Creates Consistency for Students

In an effort to keep students on track during the end of the school year, the Hilliard Schools Board of Education voted to update the start and end dates of the 2014-15 school year calendar. “From an instructional standpoint, keeping students focused on academic work for two weeks after Memorial Day is a huge challenge,” said Superintendent John Marschhausen. “I believe the classroom time in August is significantly more valuable than a week in June.” Read More

Compassion through Music

Scioto Darby Elementary School is focused on inspiring compassion in their school community this year. Keeping in line with the district’s wellness curriculum, part of which is effective communication through collaboration, Music Teacher Joyce Brandt has her students singing The Beatle’s song, “We Can Work It Out.” It’s a way to infuse personal, social and civic responsibilities in their school. The lyrics of that one song are helping students learn how to listen, express themselves, and show respect for others. Good communicators and problem solvers successfully resolve conflicts with compassion.