Hilliard Memorial Middle School Citizenship Winners

Congratulations to the Hilliard Memorial Middle School’s 16th Annual Citizenship Bee winners. Much like a spelling bee tests a student on spelling; this lets students demonstrate their citizenship skills. From left to right the winners are Jennifer Morrison- 2nd place, Courtney Bockbrader- 3rd place and Jackson Wagner- 1st place. This is a fun way to test the information they learn in the eighth grade social studies curriculum.

iPads in Algebra

Each week Rich Boettner, Director of Technology, is blogging about the use of technology in use every day at Hilliard City Schools. This week he spotlights Brent Bower who has been using his iPad to help students in Algebra. He has been using the iPad for the past couple of years. Using Educreations, he records problem-solving techniques and sends them to the students to refer to later when they are trying to do their homework. You can read Rich’s blog here, and watch the Algebra video below.

The Children are Above Average

“Where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.”

Those are the closing words Garrison Keillor spoke each night on his radio show A Prairie Home Companion. He was summarizing the fictional hometown Lake Wobegon – a special place. It’s an interesting concept – this idea that “all the children are above average” and, I believe, can be a detrimental one when viewed through the lens of government-mandated testing. Read More

Third Grade Readers

With all the emphasis on third grade reading these days, Hilliard teachers are always looking for ways to inspire a love of reading. The third grade students in Maria Watkins class at Washington Elementary took part in the Columbus Blue Jackets “Book Jackets” Program. To be eligible for a pizza party and visit from Stinger the students needed to read at least 700 minutes each during a four week period. Ms. Watkins says this program is a way to connect with her students who enjoy hockey. She saw the students get more excited about reading and go above and beyond the requirements, many read more than 1000 minutes. By empowering students to be better readers today, they are becoming Ready for Tomorrow.

Academy MD Program Begins to Take Shape

As part of a one million dollar collaborative grant from the state’s Straight A Fund, Hilliard City Schools will begin the Academy MD program this fall. These classes will allow students to graduate with credits and highly marketable technical skills applicable to the medical field.


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Hilliard Bradley High School’s Spring Musical

The Bradley Theater department will present the musical GREASE: School Version this weekend in the Performing Arts Center. Shows will be Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. Come see Vince Coleman as ‘Danny’, McKenna Michel as ‘Sandy’, Megan Hennes as ‘Rizzo’, and Mrs. Mordarski as ‘Miss Lynch’! Tickets are $6 for students and $10 general admission and can be purchased at www.LocalLevelEvents.com or at the Box Office before performances.