School Store Openings

Aramark is looking for two full time cashiers and general prep positions. These opportunities begin in January of 2015 and are eligible for benefits. The hours are Monday through Friday 6:00 am – 2:00 pm. Background checks are required for these positions. Please call Carolyn at 614-921-7494 to apply.

Blended Learning Lessons for Teachers

In Hilliard City Schools, we believe that blended learning should create an environment where students and teachers learn and teach more effectively. In order to have a successful roll out of our One2One program our teachers have been spending time in the classrooms. They are learning best practices for using iPads in classes for instruction every day. Empowering teachers to be the best they can be creates environments for our students to become Ready for Tomorrow.

Community Connections

I truly love talking about the Hilliard City Schools. We have dedicated, passionate teachers and staff members. We have talented, wonderful, diverse students. We have supportive, loving parents and a great community. I am very proud to live in, and work with, the Hilliard Community.

I was recently asked about our district by a couple that just recently moved into the district. I shared that I believe we have the best school district in Ohio because we provide real world experiences, in a socially and economically Read More

Global Cardboard Challenge at Darby Creek

The students in Mrs. Z’s classroom took cardboard to a new level. Each student was challenged to create their own game using their imagination, cardboard, and other recyclable items. The outcome was a room full of carnival style games that brought excitement to staff and students as each class had the opportunity to stop by and test their skills. Game themes included Angry Birds, Egg Toss, Basketball, Table Tennis, Soccer, Army Tank Maze, Ball Toss, and Minecraft, just to name a few. Each game was a penny to play and the pennies were then donated to charity. Empowering students to find their creativity prepares them to be Ready for Tomorrow.


The Joy of Exercise

Why do you exercise? Perhaps it is because you have been told that you will feel better? Or perhaps you want to lose weight and by exercising you will be able to keep your body size and shape under control. Or is it because you love the feel of the wind in your hair as you walk briskly outside on a cool, crisp day or the feel of the sunshine on your shoulders as you paddle a canoe down a river? The joy that comes from finding movement that you love cannot be measured, as the true benefits stretch far beyond the cardiovascular endurance, increased muscular strength, flexibility and other physiological changes that you will receive. The benefits of exercise and moving our bodies each day do not only bring us mental clarity, sharpness and focus, but improve our brains’ ability to remember well beyond our non-exercising friends. Read More

Free Parent Workshop

Children are experiencing symptoms of stress and anxiety at younger ages than ever before. Learn how to recognize and respond to your child’s worries and fears. Topics will include: Helping your child develop skills to develop a more realistic and flexible mindset, Managing negative self-talk and putting things into perspective, Learning skills to calm your child’s anxious mind and get out of the cycle of worry, Stress management skills to teach your child to take care of himself with relaxation and Learning behavior skills for your child to stop avoiding fear and confront anxiety in a safe way. This program is a partnership with Syntero Counseling and the Hilliard, Dublin, Grandview Heights and Upper Arlington School Districts.

When: Wednesday November 12th at 6:30.

Where: Memorial Middle School, 5600 Scioto Darby Rd.

Learning to Love Literacy at Crossing

Hilliard Crossing students were visited by author Brian P. Cleary. Mr. Cleary is the author of about 50 children’s picture books. A couple titles you may know include A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink: What is a noun? and How Long, How Far, How Wide? The students have also enjoyed interacting with his website with our media specialist Mrs. Brown. He taught students that language is something we can participate in and play with as we write. He shared some of his childhood inspirations including Dr. Seuss. This was an awesome experience and a perfect way to build of love of reading and enjoying books!