Horizon Students Blogging with Columbus State Students

Fifth grade students have been working with Columbus State Community College students on a joint blogging project. All the students read the same book and the Columbus State students have been guiding the fifth graders through questions along the way. They respond back and forth through KidBlog. While this project has been going on for a few years, this spring they added a new layer. The CSCC students and teacher met the fifth graders at Horizon. This opportunity gives our Hilliard students the chance to interact with college students and to see what life after high school can look like.

The Avery Community Learning Garden – Come See What’s Growing

The Focus students in grades 2-5 from Avery, Ridgewood and the 4/5 from Brown have been doing Project Based Learning on developing a community garden. Their research has been used by the PTO to decide on a type of raised garden bed. The students have researched types of plants to grow, and when and how to grow them. Currently, they have cool season plants started under grow lights in the Focus classroom.

These past few weeks required tasks included putting down layers of Read More

Construction Management Request for Proposal

Qualifications for construction management (CM) services in an agency role will be received by Hilliard City Schools to provide on-going CM services for current and future permanent improvement (PI) projects to maintain and upgrade District facilities, as well as planning and programming in preparation for a significant capital program that may be funded as early as November 2016 through a bond issue. A selection process is underway for a design professional to serve as the District’s architect-of-record for current and future PI projects. CM services will begin immediately upon selection and will continue for as long as the District wishes to use the CM’s services; for individual projects, CM services include pre-construction activities; will extend through the construction and post-construction phases and will include, under terms to be agreed to with the Owner, review and input during the design phases, assistance in bidding and evaluating bids, scheduling, coordination and review of contractor work and close-out of the Project.

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Design Professional Request for Proposal

Hilliard City Schools is accepting qualifications from design professionals to serve as the District’s architect of record for current and future permanent improvement projects and specifically at this time to provide assistance with programming and planning for a future capital project. Services will begin immediately upon selection. The District will also establish a qualifications file for other architects, engineers, landscape architects, and surveyors that may provide needed services for PI projects when the cost of services will be less than $50,000. Read More

Infrequently Answered Questions

From time to time Superintendent John Marschhausen is asked similar questions from different members of the community. In an effort to share the answers with everyone he puts the questions here with his candid responses.

What is the timeline for a decision about a potential levy in November?

The Board of Education is examining a number of different options. The district has both operational needs and facility needs. Furthermore, the facility needs include both addressing increases in student enrollment and maintenance for existing buildings. Mr. Brian Wilson, Hilliard City Schools Treasurer, will present the Board with options for operating costs. The Board will consider the potential duration a new levy will provide sufficient funds, personnel and staffing levels, and forecast data. The mills required as part of the operating levy are planned to be determined by the end of May. Read More