First Time Riders Open House

Students and parents are invited to join the Hilliard City Schools Transportation Services for a First Time Riders Open House. This fun-filled event will allow students who are new to riding a school bus to:

  • explore a school bus up close;
  • learn about bus safety;
  • take a ride;
  • meet “Buster the Bus”; and,
  • capture that first bus ride moment on camera!

Stop by anytime from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, August 12 at Hilliard Heritage Middle School, 5670 Scioto Darby Road in Hilliard.

Anonymous Communications and Tips

From time to time we receive anonymous communications and/or tips from parents, students, and community members. We still receive some “snail mail” but we also receive email from anonymous accounts, phone calls from blocked numbers, tips on the web-master page, and official bullying complaints. Read More

Students to be Part of the New Memorial Middle School Construction Process

Bradley High School Principles of Engineering students spent time this past spring at the construction site for the New Memorial Middle School. This was part of their hydraulics curriculum. The superintendent from the construction management company, Elford Construction, met with the students and used an excavator to demonstrate its function. They were able to see the hydraulic systems that control and power the arm. The operator of the excavator also reviewed basic safety with the students and discussed counter weighting of the excavator to ensure it doesn’t tip over when lifting a heavy load.

Throughout the next school year students will be involved at every opportunity to see firsthand how this school is designed, built and outfitted for the opening of the 2018/19 school year.

Elementary Students Launch Weather Balloon

Students from several elementary schools in the Focus program this year worked together to launch a high-altitude weather balloon to the edge of the stratosphere. They planned a scientific payload, used instruments to track and recover the craft, and analyzed the data at the end of the launch. Allowing students to work collaboratively on real world research projects prepares them to be Ready for Tomorrow.

Hilliard Davidson High School Graduation 2017

Congratulations to the Davidson Graduation Class of 2017. This class includes seven National Merit Scholars, four who were finalists. During the Senior Scholarship program, 40 deserving seniors were awarded nearly $77,600 in local community scholarships

Principal Aaron Cookson says, “Our seniors are again travelling to over 58 colleges and universities to continue their education. The actual scholarship and/or financial aid these students have earned for the colleges and universities they will attend is $5,450,813.00.”

We wish these students all the best as the enter a new stage of their lives.

Hilliard Bradley High School Graduation 2017

Congratulations to the 2017 Hilliard Bradley High School Graduates. Principal Mordarski says she “has watched this senior class have the largest number of National Merit Finalists in school history.” She has seen Bradley High School win multiple OCC and District Athletic titles, tell a story about a Beast who wins the love of the Beauty, and sing and play for a better cause.

This year there are 385 Graduates who earned $19, 370,738.00 in Scholarship money. Of that, $7, 954,474.00 is being accepted as our students move on to the next level.

There are 228 students attending a four-year colleges or university, 88 students are attending a 2-year technical school, 17 are going into the military and 52 are joining the workforce. Congratulations to each and every student.