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Davidson and Tolles Students Work Together

At the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, Jack DeLeo approached Mr. Scally about the dire need for a new bike rack. Due to Jack’s persistence, Mr. Scally and Mr. Cookson took a trip outside to evaluate the condition of the bike rack. It was easy to see that Jack’s request was absolutely merited and Mr. Scally began the process of trying to find a replacement. While trying to locate a replacement, Mr. Scally thought to ask Mr. Reese, Davidson Engineering teacher, if it would be at all possible to have Davidson engineering students design a new bike rack and to have Tolles welding students fabricate the design. Without hesitation, Mr. Reese said he would gladly start the process of having students get into groups and come up with designs. Mr. Scally then made contact with Tolles to see if this could be a possible partnership. Bill Pencil, lead welding instructor at Tolles, said they would love to partner in this endeavor.
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It’s Simply Chemistry

Crossing Elementary students had the chance to learn about chemistry from COSI on wheels. The program is designed to enhance students’ knowledge of the chemistry in their daily lives. The students, at each grade level, were able to experiment with solutions to determine if they are acids or bases, identify unknown substances by examining their properties and produce light, heat, and sound with a chemical reaction.

This hands on learning gave students the chance to explore the science behind secret messages as they created their own from phenolphthalein solution an invisible ink. They also worked with solids and liquids while witnessing the explosive creation of a gas sending corks flying from the top of a test tube! Bringing Science to life gives students a unique perspective, evening opening doors for our future scientists!

It’s Our Time

Doing business better isn’t limited to operations, improved programming, and saving money. Doing business better means learning from the past, being transparent and honest, and engaging our community in different ways.

Issue 58 provides our community with a choice – a choice to protect and preserve the quality of programs and opportunities for the Hilliard City School District.

Issue 58 also brings with it a different sense of urgency – this is our time to make a decision as a community. This isn’t a “fail now, pass later levy.” The need is real . . . this is our time! Read More

A Scientific Discovery at Battelle Darby Creek

Sixth grade students at Tharp take a trip to the Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park each year. There are dimensions to this trip that in many ways represent the best of education. It is truly our community connected. We partner with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to offer meaningful data from the authentic scientific inquiry experience our students get. It gives our students a good contextual performance assessment of the effectiveness of our Science lessons during the first few weeks. It involves parent volunteers and is tightly woven into our curriculum. When we can increase the frequency of these real world instructional experiences for children during their secondary schooling, we accelerate the process of getting students Ready for Tomorrow.

Horizon’s Creativity Lab

Students at Horizon Elementary are excited about their new class, Creativity Lab. This class incorporates inspiration from students’ curiosities, integration of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math), using imagination and divergent thinking to generate new ideas. They are using growth mindset and The R-Factor together as they stretch and grow as learners. Read More

Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week

Students wore green at Brown Elementary in honor of their friend Myles Manning and Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week. Green is the color to honor all of those who battle mitochondrial disease and those who have lost the battle. Myles was a friend to everyone he met and we dedicated a Buddy Bench in his memory. This bench is a place where all students can find a friend like him to play with and enjoy life like he loved to do. In celebration, we concluded the dedication with each student blowing bubbles and making memories together.

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