Gifted Changes for 2017/18

In Hilliard, we pride ourselves on providing a personalized learning experience for every student. In 2015, we determined that an audit of our gifted services and policies was in order. A Gifted Task Force was convened in the fall of 2015 that was composed of parents of gifted students, classroom and gifted teachers, administrators from all levels, the school board, and other school staff. The task force’s purpose was to gather fiscally responsible best-practice findings for gifted education delivery models. Read More

Caterpillars and Butterflies in Third Grade

Third graders across the district observe the complete life cycle of butterflies. Students start with caterpillars that are smaller than an inch and watch them grow, turn into chrysalides and then emerge as beautiful insects in four weeks. They have the opportunity to see this life cycle and explore others as part of our science curriculum. This authentic learning opportunity gives students the chance to be a part of their curriculum, and not just read from a book. The students learn more than just the science,they learn about being responsible for another living creature. This is one of the most engaging science units in third grade.

Running a Healthy Restaurant

The students in Megan Dietz’s Family and Consumer Science class opened their own healthy restaurant. his was the final project for these Weaver students. They worked in groups to create a healthy restaurant that would be started here in Hilliard. The students researched healthy recipes and then made those in class. They reported to the class on why they chose the ingredients they did based off nutritional information they had learned about. Giving students the chance to practice what they are learning prepares them to be Ready for Tomorrow.

My Principal, a Superhero

Students at Beacon elementary challenged to draw their principal as a superhero. As part of the Scholastic Reading Clubs’ Captain Underpants Movie Contest, many students took the opportunity to draw Mr. Sparks. We want to congratulate Kaylie Hoane and Nnamdi Ubadineke for being selected as one of the ten runners-up! This is an AMAZING accomplishment, as there were more than 10,000 entrants from around the country.

Memorial Team Wins Battle of the Books

This week all three middle schools sent teams to the Battle Over Books competition in Circleville, Ohio. At this competition, 16 teams representing 8 central Ohio school districts met to answer questions about 16 books in a Jeopardy style competition. One of the Memorial teams was the winner of the day having answered the most questions correctly in both the group rounds and the individual buzzer rounds. The members of this 1st place team are Captain Maura Kelley, Quinn Henoch, Caitlyn Bockbrader, Magen Looney and Emily Buckley.

Congratulations to all our teams for being such great readers and such great representatives of Hilliard City Schools.

Math Tasks with a Twist

Mrs. Mingarelle’s third grade students at Avery Elementary are working on math tasks using objects from everyday life. The students were shown a video and after watching the video, they needed to figure out what the problem was in the first place and then how to solve it. This involved working through the information they were given, and collaborating on ways to create a Pringle Ringle. These “3 Act Math” tasks engage students in real life problem solving.