Davidson Orchestra in Montreal

Davidson orchestra members spent time on their Canadian tour rehearsing with students from Charles Lemoyne elementary school in inner city Montreal. This gave the Davidson students the opportunity to help develop the younger students’ skills and interest in music. The rehearsal was followed by a piece played together and a short performance by each school.

The Hilliard students helped develop the orchestra program at the elementary school. They shared with the younger students their passion for music and helped to cultivate a love of the arts in the younger students, as well as fostered positive international relations. Many of our students were also able to communicate in French, using their knowledge from the high school language courses.

Five Stars For Hilliard Preschool

We are proud to recognize our Preschool for receiving Five-Stars from Step Up To Quality from the Ohio Department of Education and Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, see below for more. This is a five–star quality rating and improvement system. Step Up recognizes and promotes learning and development programs that meet quality program standards that exceed licensing health and safety regulations. The program standards are based on national research identifying standards which lead to improved outcomes for children. Principal Annette Andres says, “It could not have been accomplished without the hard work of all the HSCD preschool staff.” Preparing students to be Ready for Tomorrow begins with their first days in the Hilliard family.

The Quality Profile Video Series

We have a great foundation in Hilliard; we do amazing work. Our community has made, and continues to make, a financial investment in our future. In this Quality Profile video series we want to show you how we invest each and every day in more than 16,000 students. It’s more than just results of a standardized test, it’s about investing in the future leaders of the United States.

In this second video, we showcase our rigorous academic standards.

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Getting Your Money’s Worth from Hilliard Schools

What does a diploma from Hilliard City Schools signify? How does it stack up to the diplomas bestowed by other high schools? And in a year when a school levy is going to be placed on the ballot, how do we know we’re getting our money’s worth?

There is perhaps no more subjective yet important topic in public education. It’s a large reason why we have all the state-imposed rules for standardized testing, graduation requirements, and district report cards. All attempts to assure us as taxpayers that the billions of dollars spent in Ohio for public education is money well spent. Read More