Globally Minded

Current events are a big part of Ms. Daroczy’s class at Weaver Middle School. She teaches her students the importance international events have on our local community, while helping the students master English. She specifically works with students to learn more about a student’s original country or culture.

Several times a week she creates class exercises from current event articles. These Read More

Internet Safety Parent Workshop

Please join us for a Parent Presentation on Internet Safety featuring Jesse Weinberger. Ms. Weinberger will be speaking with our 6th, 7th and 8th grade students during the school day and feedback from those sessions will be shared at the parent event.

Thursday, April 7th, 2016

Hilliard Darby High School PAC

6:30pm – 8:00pm

Jesse Weinberger is a nationally recognized Internet Safety presenter, TEDx speaker, and author. As a respected expert and leader in this field, she is frequently sought out by media, educators, administrators, and law enforcement for guidance on how to manage and improve the digital lives of children all over the United States. Her particular passion is in speaking directly to tweens, teens, and the parents who may not understand how best to keep their children safe.

Quality Profile : Technology

We must keep pace with the changes in technology. Our students must have instant access to updated curriculum. In this Quality Profile video you will see and hear about the ways we provide relevant content to our 16,000 plus students as soon as it becomes available. We are economically, racially and culturally diverse, but the mission of our school binds us together and technology will continue to be vital as we move forward. We have put together the Quality Profile video series to spotlight ways our district continues to prepare our students to be Ready for Tomorrow. They are available on the top left side of the district web page.

The Importance of Breakfast

Last week we celebrated National School Breakfast Week, and as a pediatrician and parent, I am so grateful that Hilliard City Schools provides daily school breakfast for our children. The evidence surrounding the importance of breakfast in cognition and academic performance is overwhelming, but studies also show that many children start their day without the fuel they need to succeed.

I know it’s not easy to pull together a perfectly balanced breakfast every morning — let alone get the kids to eat it. We’re busy trying to get them ready for school and ourselves ready for work or the day ahead, and the battle can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. As frazzled as we feel as Read More


Spanish students are listening to popular Spanish Language songs and voting via a twitter poll to our own version of March Madness! The use of pop music in the classroom is an excellent way to allow students to connect to the culture of the Spanish speaking world through a medium that they enjoy. Students have the opportunity to listen and learn the lyrics, improving their pronunciation in the process. The discussion of the songs/artists allows the teacher and student to connect to Spanish Speakers around the world, in real time. What are teens listening to in South America, in Mexico? By allowing students to vote in the March Madness bracket format, each student has a vested interest in their “favorite” song moving forward – just like you might see in the more well-known basketball tournament. And, above all, it was fun to prepare students to be Ready for Tomorrow.