Global Student Leaders Summit in Costa Rica

Hilliard City Schools is participating in the Global Student Leaders Summit in Costa Rica in March 2015 and Dubai in March 2016. The global leadership summit is designed to bring student leaders together from around the world to solve today’s complex issues. This is a one-of-a-kind educational experience that will truly set participants apart from their peers and prepare them to be Ready for Tomorrow. Read More

Continuous Improvement

Getting better means a continued evaluation of current practices. What works well today – what has worked well in the past – may not always provide desired results in the future.

I am a member of the Hilliard YMCA. Over the past several weeks the YMCA has been making improvements to the facilities . . . there are a lot of changes to the layout, flooring, and exercise areas. One of the most noticeable changes is the shifting of the welcome desk from its current area to a counter adjacent to the entry. Executive Director Malik Moore explained the new design will allow the staff to always be facing the members. With the previous set-up, there was always potential for a staff member to have his/her back to a guest. Read More

Brown Elementary Art Students Design for Tween Brands

The students at Brown Elementary were invited for a third year to create artwork for Tween Brands Corporate Thanksgiving Luncheon. In exchange for the art work, Tween brands donated $2000 to the art room at Brown. Last year, the money was used to bring in an artist to work with students to create a mural that is in the school entrance. Brown is the only school invited to create art for this huge event. Tween Brands has donated a total of $5000 to our Brown Art Program. Hilliard City Schools is proud of the partnerships we have with our business community, and thankful for their generous support of our curriculum.

Family Traditions at Crossing Elementary

The students in Kathryn Walker’s kindergarten class at Crossing Elementary learned about holiday traditions with the help of some parents. The students had a fun time learning about their classmates. One family talked about their family’s Swedish heritage. Hilliard City Schools is proud to be able to engage parents in educating our students. This partnership is what truly prepares our students to be Ready for Tomorrow.


Twitter Connections: Frequently Asked, but Infrequently Answered, Questions

Request: Unblock Pandora, YouTube, Spotify, gaming sites, and other entertainment options.

My Answer: Unfortunately bandwidth is a limited commodity. Streaming music, radio, or videos, playing games, and posting large files takes a disproportional amount of bandwidth. We must protect our bandwidth for instructional needs. As we add devices each year, and begin to provide devices to students with our One-2-One rollout, the requirements for online resources, Apps, and instructional videos also increase.

My recommendation is downloading your playlists, videos, and/or Apps before students come to class. Yes, I always listen to music when I’m doing work; it is relaxing and enjoyable. I plan ahead, download my playlists, and listen to music without streaming it through the district’s Wi-Fi. Read More

Jazz Group Visits Bradley

The Dan White Jazz Sextet visited music students at Bradley High School for performance and instruction. The event was set up by Andy Rice and Matt Smith, the Band Directors.


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