New Director of Student Well-Being

Students posing for a picture

The Hilliard City School District is in the process of hiring a new position – Director of Student Well-Being. Historically mental health and student well-being issues have been under the responsibilities of the Director of Student Services. This has served our students and families well for years. With the proliferation of student needs in both the areas of special education and mental health, this new position is needed in our district today. This new director will also be responsible for bullying programs, working with state and local officials to address the growing opioid crisis, district guidance counselors, and our partnership with Syntero Counseling Services.

One of the most important aspects in making change happen in our Hilliard Community, is to live for our Passion for Growth and continue on the journey. We will continue to grow and find ways to better prepare our students to be Ready for Tomorrow both academically and socially.