Tharp Band

 Hilliard THARP Beginning Band Program!

“I missed the meeting and all of the fittings!  What do I do now to get my child signed up for band?!?”

It is not too late!

Meeting Information:  Download the Parent Meeting Brochure 2020 and Joining Band Checklist which were passed out at the meeting.

Fittings:  We have finished all of the fitting nights in the school, however, all of our local music stores do fitting appointments free of charge. Contact them directly to schedule an appointment; they will allow your child to try the the instruments and help them decide which instrument is right for them. Please download this InStore_Fitting_Form, print it, and take it with you to the music store when you attend your child’s fitting.  Here is the contact information for the music stores:

Music & Arts/Colonial Music: 4688 Cemetery Rd; Hilliard, Ohio 43026. 614-876-9004.
Rettig Music: 6323 Sawmill Rd; Dublin, OH 43017. 614-792-2100.
Buckeye Brass and Winds: 7445-A Montgomery Rd; Plain City, OH 43064. 614-499-8626.


Know This Date!  Your child will register for all of his/her electives in school during February.  This is the date that your child needs to know his/her chosen instrument.  Please try to do your in-store fitting and decide the instrument prior to this date:

Avery:  February 20
Beacon:  February 11
Britton:  February 18
JW Reason:  Unknown at this time (ask your teacher)
Norwich:  February 10
Ridgewood:  February 11
Washington:  February 18
Arrow: Unknown at this time (ask your teacher)


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(If your student is Station-bound, click here!)

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We are VERY excited to begin the process of finding our new budding musicians!


We know this can be a very overwhelming process.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Nicole Brocke at or 921-6900.