Hilliard Beginning Band Program!

Important Dates…

Parent Informational Meeting:  Thursday, March 9; 7:00pm
Davidson High School Auditorium

Fittings:  Wednesday-Friday, March 13-15; 4:00-8:00pm
Tharp Sixth Grade Gymnasium

“I missed the meeting and all of the fittings!  What do I do now to get my child signed up for band?!?”

It is not too late!  We have finished all of the fitting nights in the school, however, the local music stores do fitting appointments free of charge. Contact them directly to schedule an appointment; they will allow your child to try the instruments and help them make a decision on which instrument is best. Here is the contact information:

  • Music & Arts: 4688 Cemetery Rd; Hilliard, Ohio 43026. 614-876-9004
  • Rettig Music: 6323 Sawmill Rd; Dublin, OH 43017. 614-792-2100


“I missed the window to sign my child up for their sixth grade electives!  What do I do now to get my child signed up for band and other electives?!?”

If you have missed the window to sign up on Home Access for your child’s sixth grade electives, you will need to contact the scheduling office at your child’s 6th grade building (see contacts below).  You will need to know your child’s chosen instrument BEFORE scheduling their electives (do the fitting first, then contact the scheduling office).

  • Station:  Scott Foster at
  • Tharp:  Taryn Price at


“I’ve signed my child up for band. What do I need to do now?”

Once your child has chosen an instrument and you have registered him/her up for that instrument in Home Access with the elective selection process, there is nothing you need to do right now.  Later in May, you should receive an email from your child’s 6th grade band director indicating some recommendations for instrument brands and where to purchase/rent as well as the necessary accessories needed for band.  Your child will need his/her instrument and accessories by the first day of school.


During the 2017-2018 school year, Hilliard sixth graders will have the opportunity to begin learning to play an instrument! In preparation for next school year, all current Hilliard fifth grade students are about to begin the journey of learning more about instrumental music and choosing which instrument on which they would like to experience the joy of making music! Thank you for your support and encouraging your band student to continue (or start!) his/her study of music. This investment of time, effort, and energy will produce lifelong dividends.

We will be visiting all of the elementary school 5th grade classrooms between February 13-24 to demonstrate the different instruments. Your child might have already chosen their favorite instrument…but which one is the best choice for them? While making this decision, consider several things. Ask your child which SOUND they like best. When they practice, that’s what they’ll be listening to! (Some students pick instruments by what they SEE, and this novelty wears off quickly.) These instrument demos will allow them to hear all the different instruments available to them and which sounds they like.

To join the Hilliard band program, attend the PARENT MEETING to learn about the 3 simple steps to follow: Attend a FITTING, REGISTER for band, and OBTAIN an instrument. To learn more about each step, select the appropriate link to the left. To learn more about the different instruments, staff, schedule, and expectations, select the “About Band” link.

Nicole Brocke (Tharp) at or 921-2978
Diana Nicklas (Station) at or 921-6801