More Options for Winter Weather

Hilliard City Schools

marschhausen_john_hcsdWe have certainly had an unusual winter. We have had near record cold, above average snowfall and great fluctuations in temperature. It is early January and we have already utilized three calamity days. So how do we keep our mission of ensuring every student is Ready for Tomorrow while also ensuring the safety of students during the highs and lows of the winter months? One option we will now consider using is a two-hour delay.

Our district calendar includes provisional make-up days to be held the first week in June. In the event that protecting student safety requires more than two additional calamity days, the district would continue the school year beginning with Monday, June 2, 2014.

However sometimes, all we need is a little more time for road crews to make the roads passable in order to safely transport students to school. In addition, I believe there is more value to students spending a shorter day in classes in the winter rather than an additional full day in June.

We understand that two-hour delays may be an inconvenience for working families. This is why Hilliard Schools will commit to only using this option when we feel the extra time will permit us to safely open school and that we will not change our decision to a school closing. We will only use this option with confidence that we will be able to operate on a two-hour delay.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. It takes a true community effort to safely get students to our schools. Opening school with inclement weather takes a partnership with our city road crews, our district maintenance department, our transportation department, our parents and our staff. We embrace this challenge and work together to make sure our students have the opportunity to learn, grow and be Ready for Tomorrow.