Academy EDU

Are you ready to tutor younger students, visit a variety of types of schools, teach lessons, have meaningful and professional relationships with a mentor and explore teaching as a career choice? Are you planning to major in education in college? Academy EDU is the course for you!

Academy EDU is a  1 or 2 year college level course in which students can receive college credit for “Introduction to Education”.  Designed as an introduction to the teaching field, students get an in-depth view of the teaching profession and hands-on experience working with children. Students will identify skills required for teaching, and understand personal characteristics needed to succeed in the profession.

Academy EDU students are positive role models for Hilliard City Schools and students are given opportunities for  leadership, character building and citizenship for the school and community.  Below are some of the opportunities for Academy EDU students:

  • Observe  approximately 6 weeks in each of the following classrooms: elementary, middle school and special education classrooms
  • Guaranteed job interview with Hilliard City Schools upon completion of college teacher preparatory courses
  • Teach  RFactor lessons to Avery Elementary  students
  • Participate in Trunk or Treat at the Hilltop Preschool
  • Member of Educators Rising
  • CPR and First Aide trained
  • Opportunities to work for  the 21st Century Grant at Brown and Horizon Elementary
  • Help with kindergarten screening at Scioto Darby

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Please contact Cathy Gongwer or John Riley for more information.