7th Grade Project Discover Experience

Project DiscoverProject Discover students have spent the past four months embracing the challenge we offered them that very first week of school:  Could they change the ways they have been conditioned to think about school? Could they work together to create a community where each and every student feels they can be themselves, and in the words of one of our students, even “embrace their weirdness”?  Could they shake off any limitations they might have internalized about their abilities and cultivate a growth mindset instead?  Could they truly see public speaking not just as a curricular requirement to be met, but instead as a chance to share their creative insights on a problem they feel passionately called to solve?  Now that we have reached the end of the semester, we are thrilled to report that the answer to all of these questions is an unqualified “YES”!  Our students began the semester by crafting class pledges or mottos, then spent time exploring personal passions and identifying problems that matter to them.  They have resisted the all-too-familiar temptation to accept “good enough” and have instead pushed themselves—and allowed us to push them— to aim for “great” instead.  Every student “embraced their productive discomfort” and gave TED-style talks which highlighted their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.  We could not be more proud of their accomplishments, and we hope and believe they are leaving us with new understandings about themselves and about the transformative power each of them possesses.