Back to School . . . Jack Frost Edition

Dr. Marschhausen outside in cold

The Hilliard City School District will return to session with the start of the second semester on Wednesday, January 3, 2018.  While this isn’t opening day, there is some important information we’d like to share as we return to our daily routine.

Winter Weather and Cold Temperatures

Our benchmark for closing is around the -20 degrees with wind chill taken into account. Yes, -10 degrees is cold, but we must be consistent. Parents of younger students need to feel comfortable making plans for potential calamity days. When it’s below zero we must bundle-up, wear layers, and be prepared for the cold weather of Central Ohio winters

Also, in most cases a 2-hour delay actually makes the situation worse. Our busses run on schedules. When we delay, the busses experience different traffic conditions. This potentially changes the travel time and could expose students to extra time in the cold weather.

So, don’t plan on delays for cold weather, plan on attending school unless the temperature dips below -20 with the wind chill, and embrace the beauty of our Ohio weather.

When the snow falls in central Ohio, we have a number of factors that go into the decision of holding classes.  Our transportation team is out checking roads by 3:00 AM; our mechanics are getting busses started, warmed-up, and ready for students well before dawn every morning in the winter.  We communicate with city and county road crews, local law enforcement authorities, and other area districts.  We have strong connections with our local media; communications is the key when making these decisions.  Ultimately, the decision to close is made prior to 5:45 AM to give time for parents and students to make plans.

When school is closed, it will be communicated in many ways.  Please make sure you have accurate information; double-check your sources.  If you are relying on social media, make sure you are getting information from an authentic source.  We will post on our web page, my Twitter, the District’s Twitter and Facebook first.

If we cancel for the day, it means all middle school and elementary activities are canceled. The high schools will make a decision later in the day on any activities. The SACC programs are closed as well.  If we are on a two-hour delay, it means there will be no morning preschool, kindergarten, or morning SACC

Ultimately, our goal is to get students into school every day.  During the winter always give yourself a little extra time, bundle up, and get ready to learn . . . if we can get into school, we will be having school.