Hilliard Weaver Students Visit Memorial

weaver 8th grade 911 memorialStudents from Weaver Middle School visited First Responders Park in downtown Hilliard and talked to Hilliard Police Chief Doug Francis. Chief Francis shared the significance of the memorial through the eyes of the Hilliard and Norwich Township Departments. He describes this venture as one of his most important moments in not only his professional life but also his personal life. Chief Francis highlighted various aspects of the park including the connection to the Pentagon which he says is home to one of the most impressive tributes to the events of September eleventh. This meets social study curriculum standards of historical thinking with a clear sense of the past, present and future. This includes skills such as locating, researching and interpreting primary and secondary sources so students can begin to understand relationships among events and draw conclusions. Being critical thinkers and drawing their own conclusions creates students who are ready for tomorrow.