Hilliard Schools – Earns Highest Scores in Ohio

hcsLogoDistrict provides good value to taxpayers and high quality education for students

Hilliard City Schools’ students are ranked number one for academic growth and among the top 11 percent for academic achievement of all school districts in Ohio. The rankings are part of a new state law related to the Ohio Department of Education’s (ODE) Local Report Cards (LRC) and includes not only every public school district in the state, but also every community and STEM school as well. The academic growth is measured through the Value-Added (VA) component of the LRC and academic achievement relates to the Performance Index (PI) calculation.

“Our teachers, support staff and administrators work incredibly hard to ensure student success on a daily basis,” said Superintendent Dale A. McVey. “We are thrilled to be recognized among the elite school districts in Ohio, but also realize that these rankings don’t provide the full picture of our quality educational opportunities for students. Our mission is to empower graduates to thrive in the 21st century and that is where our focus will continue to be.”

Value-Added is an ODE calculation that looks at how much academic growth a student receives in grades four through eight in the areas of math and reading over a year’s worth of time. The expectation is that students will receive at least one year’s worth of growth over one year’s time. If school districts receive more than a year’s worth of growth, they achieve “above” status and are eligible for a higher ranking on the ODE Local Report Card. ODE rated 832 schools and school districts in Ohio and Hilliard City Schools earned the top rating among these districts. Hilliard City Schools has earned the state’s highest rating of “Excellent with Distinction” for the last five years. Only 15 school districts in Ohio have achieved this accomplishment, including only four in Franklin County. Hilliard City Schools has the lowest cost per pupil of these four districts.

Performance Index is a weighted average of all tested subjects in grades three through eight and grade 10. It reflects the achievement of every tested student and is broken down into five performance levels with the most weight given to the highest performance level. Hilliard City Schools’ 104.4 PI is the highest district score ever, and means that more students are reaching higher levels of achievement than ever before. Hilliard Schools’ rank of 111 out of 942 schools and school districts places the district among the top 11 percent of all school districts in Ohio on this measurement.

“This type of achievement is not possible without the support of our community,” said McVey. “We are grateful for their support and promise to keep providing this type of good value to residents.”

Preliminary LRC data was finalized today including Hilliard City Schools fifth straight year of earning the top rating of Excellent with Distinction, meeting all 26 state indicators and Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) goals.