Renaissance Program

Students can receive privileges as a result of attaining and maintaining specific levels of achievement in academics, attendance, and behavior. Students may earn a White or Blue Card based on their performance in these areas. Details are listed below and the benefits are also included in the Student Handbook.

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White Card Standards White Card Benefits Blue Card Standards Blue Card Benefits
≥ 4.0 GPA (based on semester average grades) Free parking for the next semester 3.25-3.99 GPA (based on semester average grades) Half-off parking for the next semester
No more than 3 days absent and 3 tardies (per semester) 10% off a single (in stock) WHITE item at Powell Prints No more than 4 days absent and 4 tardies (per semester) 5% off a single (in stock) BLUE item at Powell Prints
No disciplinary referrals No disciplinary referrals


*Special Note: Violation of any of the fundamental principles of this philosophy will result in an immediate revocation of the card and all inherent privileges thereof on the first offense.

Attendance Appeal Process

  • For any absences exceeding the designated limit, the student will be required to submit an appeal letter.
  • Obtain your semester attendance printout from the Attendance Office.
  • Write a handwritten letter explaining the extenuating circumstances for your absences.
  • If any of the absences were marked “official”, you will not need another doctor’s statement.
  • If you were seen by a doctor but did not turn in a doctor’s statement, please attach this to your letter.
  • Be convincing and thorough in your argument on why the Appeals Committee should accept your appeal and grant you a Renaissance Card.
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