The Reporter: Students learn about military careers in Army recruitment trailer

The following story was written by students on the staff of The Reporter as part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

by Grace Christman, News Co-Editor, and Abbi Hile, News Co-Editor

Students recently visited the Army's recruitment trailer to learn more about careers in the military. Photo by Grace Christman for The Reporter

Students recently visited the Army’s recruitment trailer to learn more about careers in the military. Photo by Grace Christman for The Reporter

Local Army recruiters recently visited Bradley in their semi, which is outfitted to help students explore a potential career in the military. The trailer, which spent the day parked in the staff lot, uses high tech in a relaxed environment. Army representatives were available to answer students’ questions and to show students how to use each station in the trailer, some of which included getting hands on experience with virtual weapons and exploring the world of virtual reality. We asked Sergeant First Class (SFC) Francesca Komarek, Staff Sergeant (SSG) Jacob Frey, Staff Sergeant (SSG) Daryl Wilson, and Sergeant First Class (SFC) Andrew Kelly for their thoughts on this experience for high schoolers.

Is this tool effective for recruiting high schoolers into the military?

SFC Francesca Komarek: “This is new for this area so hopefully, we’ll let you know if it is or not.”

What’s in the trailer?

SFC Francesca Komarek: “We have an Apache simulator, this is a attack helicopter piloted by two personal, a pilot and copilot. The rear is the pilot and the front is the gunner. There are [also] information boards for the different careers that are available to you. If you’re thinking about exploring a different career you can go ahead and do this but you can also learn about different incentives that are available like bonuses and tuition assistance. Right here is our Virtual Reality because we do obviously know what is taking over in the world right now not just in the military. We do have drone pilots in the United States Army- it’s actually one of the up and coming fields not only in the civilian sector but in the military as well. So this will give you an good idea of what it’s like to fly one of those.”

We asked senior, Dalton Barclay, if he’s interested in joining the military. Watch the video below to check out his answer!